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  1. I'm not articulating my question correctly. If the total records equal 4 and I do a Find resulting in only 2 records I want my button text to be grayed out. When I use Get(FoundCount) and or Get(TotalRecordCount) it returns 4 (regardless of my Find result). How do I identify the resultant number of records from my find? Maybe I'm using it wrong. Can you advise? My user name and password on the attached is admin. FoundCount.zip
  2. I want to recreate the Show all Records button (with text) on my layout. What's the script behind the conditional formatting? When all records are showing the icon is grayed out. If I use text in place of the icon how do I gray out the text when all records are showing?
  3. Thank you for your feedback. I didn't realize you could prevent the exit. What if they decide at that point that they don't want to create the record afterall... Is there a way to incorporate that choice in the validation? So [field name] requires a value or do something to cancel creation of this record?
  4. Please see the attached file... you can log in as a guest with full access privileges. This is a very tiny file. The table attached to the form can get very long. It would be nice if I could sort the records by Fiscal Year, Quarter, and then ID. The Fiscal Year and Quarter fields should not be null. I've tried applying field validation but... in doing so I found the portal resets the rows upon field validation. It's very confusing so to the enduser so I haven't applied validation in the past. I've removed the portal sort and the reset but still, after validation the portal jumps. Is there anyway to have my cake and eat it to? I'd like it if when the enduser first views the layout the portal is sorted by Fiscal Year, Quarter and ID... and then have the screen not reset again until the next time the layout is opened? I tried a lot of different things. I tried a script on layout open... nothings working for me. Any ideas? PortalRowJumpingAfterValidation.zip
  5. I tried to post this earlier but it didn't seem to post; please forgive if I've ended up posting this twice. My goal here with this attached file is to get use to working with security levels, passwords and privilege sets and using them to navigate through various layout based on permission levels. I'm starting small. I have a script that runs on open, and is suppose to initialize the global fields in the GlobalsAndUI table; however, the globals are not populating. Can anyone advise me on what I have wrong? There are three passwords: Account name: Full Access, password Full Access Account name: Data Entry Only, password Data Entry Only and Account name: Read-Only Access, password Read-Only Access When the file opens a splash screen is displayed for 2 seconds, followed by what should the appropriate Menu (which should be based on privilege set); three menu layouts, one for each of the three account types above... but this isn't working as my globals aren't populating. securityTest.zip
  6. I want a script that will allow me to produce a specific field criteria within a user defined date range. I'm getting hung up... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Below is a sample of the script: If[isEmpty(TableName::gDateStart)] Show Custom Dialog ["Start Date must have a value. Please enter"] Exit Script [] End If If[isEmpty(TableName::gDateEnd)] Show Custom Dialog ["End Date must have a value. Please enter"] Exit Script [] If[TableName::gDateEnd < TableName::gDateStart)] Show Custom Dialog ["InvalidEndDate"; "End Date cannot occur before Start Date. Please reenter"] Exit Script [] End If Go to Layout [LayoutName] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [TableName::DateStart; TableName::gDateStart &"..."&TableName::gDateEnd] Perform Find All of the above works fine... Producing the correct results within the specified date range (and warns the enduser if they neglect to enter one of the required dates or they they enter an end date lower then the Start date). But how would I modify this script if I also wanted a specific field criteria to be omitted from my result? Another words, I want to omit the records where TableName::ParticipantStatus = "Child" (AND all of the records should still fall within the user identified date range). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Ahhhhhh..... Is there a way that I can embed the sort so the endusers have no choice but to open the report sorted?
  8. I wasn't sure where to post this so please forgive me if it would have been more appropriate elsewhere. I have a simple report that I created using FM 11 advanced. The report is on a dropdown from the layout menu. When I view the report is contains all the proper formatting. When I place the databse on the server and the endusers view the report for formatting is gone. Any idea why this might happen?  My view that has formatting is the attached file named HomeCenter.jpg  The image the endusers view is attached and named HomeCenterNoFormat.jpg  This is my first stab at creating a report so it is extremely rudimentary...  Any ideas on why this is happening and/or how I can insure the view regardless of who opens the report would be greatly appreciated. Thank you... mp Â
  9. I had a field to concatonate a person's FullName: NameFirst&" "&MiddleInitial&" "&LastName&" "&Suffix But I noticed, if the middle initial field was blank I'd still get the additional space between the NameFirst and MiddleName. So I tried modifying the FullName field as follows in an effort to get rid of the additional space in those cases where the MiddleInitial was null (but this didn't work either): Trim(NameFirst)&" "&Trim(MiddleInitial)&" "&Trim(NameLast)&" "&(Suffix) Example above produces: Bill H Muldoon Sr However, if the MiddleInitial field is null the above calculation produces an extra space between the NameFirst and the MiddleInitial. Bill Muldoon Sr… when what I want to produce is Bill Muldoon Sr How can I modify this calculation so if the MiddleInitial field is null there is no space between NameFirst and MiddleInitial? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I have a family center database wherein people, more specifically, children often reside in multiple households. A field labled HHDType can have one of two values, "Primary" and "Additional"... which represents two types of households they could live in. Each household has a repetitive field called activityDateSpan (allowing for up to two repetition) indicating a startDate and endDate. These dates represent the following: rep 1 = the date an individual began association within a particular household and rep2 = when the association is terminated (repetition#2). I have a calculation called cHousehold which identifies all the possible households this person resides in, in list format in the following calculation: cHousehold (calculation, text) Substitute ( List (_HOUSEHOLDS::householdName ) ; ¶ ; ", " ) Here's my dilema... If the activityDateSpan contains a value in the second repetition, I do not want these households to be include in my cHousehold calculation (another words, I don't want to include them in the list). Any ideas on how I might accomplish this?
  11. What about for data retreival? If I want to identify the most recent primary household in all my records. If I refer to the new portal it will still produce multiple records even though the view shows only one. Is there a calculation I do can do get that the most recent "primary" and Is Emtpy [endDate]?
  12. Can you help me with the calculation? I want to return the highest value based on multiple criteria... I want the [iD_HDD_fk] with the most recent [startDate] only if the [endDate] IsEmpty and the value of the [type] field = "primary". What would such a calculation look like?
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