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  1. dear fmforums, when taking pictures with an ipod and saving them to our database we sometimes have the problem that some images are taken in portrait and some in landscape mode. is it possible to lock the photo settings so all images are taken in landscape mode? rr
  2. dear fmforums, i have a printer that is attached to my airport express. i am printing from my iphone via "handy print app". is there a print option, script or something that would allow me to print directly to my printer through my airport without using that "handy print app"? i guess that creating a script which would print to the printers MAC address would work. any ideas? rr
  3. i got it. thanks!! it would be nice if i wouldn't have to leave the invoice layout and could choose the specific month of which i need the total.
  4. Dear fmforum, i would like to create a field in my INVOICES table which sums the subtotal values of the whole month. i would like to see the income for each month. maybe there is a option to add a drop down menu so i can choose the specific month. i have a field called month which looks like this: 01/13, 02/13, 03/13 etc. for each month. i add the corresponding month to each invoice. e.g. for january 2013 i add 01/13 to the field called month. where do i start?
  5. Dear fmforum,  i have a database with about 1000 items. each item has up to six images. i would like that each image has a filename that looks like this: "product id"_1.jpg the second image should have a filename that looks like this: "product id"_2.jpg  and so on.. where "product id" is the unique number for each item.  i have a script that exports the items image and changes its filename to: "product id"_x.jpg  is there a way to change the images filename when IMPORTING it to my database?  i attached a screenshot of my export filename script and another screenshot whe
  6. problem solved. i had 2 scripts. one was called "scan" and the other "open CSN barcode". the problem was that the script "scan" was assigned to the scan button in my database. i changed it to "CSN barcode" and now everything works! i dont know how i messed this up. silly mistake... i know. thank you very much anyway!!
  7. this is the script called "Open CNSbarcode app": "cnsbarcode://scan?method=camera&launchurl=fmpscript%3A//%24/" & Get ( FileName ) & "%3Fscript%3DScan%26param%3D::barcode::" i will try to make a script which you are talking about and then report back
  8. Â sorry for the delay. my topics was offline. i dont know why. but the forum admin fixed it. Â about the script parameter, please find attached the script and the custom dialog.
  9. thanks! i changed it from fmp7 to fmp as told in the link. but the script still shows the same error.
  10. where can i find it? i used this tutorial. and it worked for FM11. http://www.skeletonkey.com/blog/filemaker_go_barcode_scanning_with_cns_barcode
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