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  1. Hi, I'm struggling with the exact same problem. Still trying to solve the problem without success... macOS10.12.6 FMS 17 SC 2.9.x
  2. Hi ooparah Thank you for your reply. We are working with Windows 7, iE 9. Since we updated to the newest Version of Java i dont know which version we had before. Too bad. At home i've got another machine where we noticed this problem. As soon i get that information i'll post it here. You can reach me trough skype: rolf_buholzer or mail: rolf.buholzer@rsp.lu Thank you in advance
  3. Hello Genx Just finishing a database-solution for a customer and tried to put that thing in an iframe. It displays the database as excepted but no button will work. The standalone version of the database published via IWP works fine. Here you'll find the database integrated into the website: http://www.christkindlimarkt.ch/service/test/service/online_bewerbung.php Any idea? Thanks a lot in advance Rolf
  4. Hello all, Just started yesterday using Supercontainer and it's awesome. But today i found out, there's a bug with iE using Javascript. It will hung up as soon I enter a layout with a container field on it. Updating will resolve this problem but i know there are a lot of users out there who won't update their Java. Anyone any idea about that? Thank you in advance Rolf
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