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  1. In India or Canada? MT @mdentandt: @PatMartinMP make sense for CAW wage and benefit package to be $70h when the Indians have a $5K car?

  2. She only answers ?'s she likes #flack #lackey “@WButler2011: @KVMarshall where do you get YOUR money! Answer the question #cdnpoli #bcleg

  3. RT @torque10: "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him." ~Martin Luther King rt @Zen_Moments @pghTiger #quote

  4. Sure, why? RT @KarenTankard: .#CBC YVR downplays Christy Clark's comm director's bad behavior today. Wonder why? #bcpoli

  5. I'm going to Fred Eaglesmith at Treehouse Cafe! http://t.co/dHiD97hH

  6. U mean spanking kids, right? @SusanFelicity Broke my own rule never discuss: 1) abortion 2) spanking 3) circumcision/ on internet

  7. make it mobile-friendly? RT @InklessPW Maclean's is looking for an absolutely dynamite digital journalist to run and help renew our website.

  8. RT to enter to win Elvis Costello tickets from @LiveNationWest & @Miss604 http://t.co/9fxZTRK0

  9. DEFLECTION ALERT! @BRIANLILLEY wants you to look away from ILLEGAL calls suppressing non-CPC vote in Guelph @frankvaleriote #cdnpoli

  10. #BCTF screws the kids to get their way http://t.co/qMFwCcsy
  11. You want to see who stalked your Twitter page?! and yes it works!:http://t.co/1sdfpdTg

  12. Nicee! This works awesome! U can see who looks at your Twitter page: http://t.co/LrgAa04X

  13. RT: Awesome! This works! You can see who browses your Twitter page: http://t.co/LrgAa04X

  14. Nicee You really can see who looks at your Twitter profile: http://t.co/dEZ7bH3q

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