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  1. Hi Thanks for replying. Here is my script to display the dialog FormattedDialogWithDynamicButtons( "HELLO" ; "REQUIRED INPUT" ; "YES" ; "NO" ) The dialog box displays correctly. How do I get the result of the button thatw as pressed? Thanks in advance Okay I got it now!!!. Thanks!
  2. Here is me generated plugin code: RegisterGroovy( "FormattedDialogWithDynamicButtons( message ; title ; option1 ; option2 )" ; "import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder¶ ¶ SwingBuilder swing = new SwingBuilder()¶ def dialog = swing.optionPane(¶ message:message,¶ options:[option1, option2]¶ )¶ ¶ dialog.createDialog(null, title).show()¶ return dialog.getValue()" ) At the last line it says return dialog.getvalue(). I don't know how to get that. In the built-in function there is the get(lastmessagechoice), what is the equibalent of that in scriptmaster? thanks
  3. A littile rain made the air humid. Better than no rain at all!

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