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  1. Afternoon all The next FileMaker User Group is upon us! 6 days away on Monday 8th May at 6pm, at the Fox & Goose Inn, A38, Nr Highbridge, TA9 4HH. Quite a free for all this time. I've just got a couple of thought provoking questions. Then all the bits that you want to show, discuss or ask. RESTFul might even be mentioned... Please feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone interested in FileMaker, databases, iPads, Macs, PCs, broadband, wifi, automating repetitive tasks, avoiding duplication and errors, (big breath) eliminating the limitations of spreadsheets, and improving off-the-shelf-software, etc, etc... Be they user, pro, dabbler, novice or even just interested. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday 8th. 6pm. Meals are available as usual. Order on the night. Any questions give me a ring regards Martin ______ Martin Bridges FileMaker Developer igeek @ The Hive, 6 Beaufighter Rd, Weston-super-Mare. BS24 8EE. E: martin@igeek.co.uk M: 07940 514351 T: +44 (0)330 1130958 W: www.igeek.co.uk Twitter: @igeekUK ______
  2. Hi there, We have a client who absolutely insists on using IE9 to access WebDirect pages. According to minimum specifications, only 10 & 11 are supported by Filemaker. Does anyone have any experience of viewing WD pages over IE9? All help gratefully received, Joe
  3. Position Title: FileMaker Developer Description of Duties: an all round developer required. Certification 11/12/13 would be great. To work on a range of projects. Work is preferably full time, but developers looking to supplement their incomes may be considered as long as you can make a commitment of a sizeable number of hours per week (20+). FileMaker 13 experience would be a bonus, as would FileMaker Go development experience. Any experience in html/PHP/MySQL/IIS/Server a plus. To work remotely. Location: UK. Deadline: To start ASAP Position: Part Time / Full Time / Consultants can apply Employment: Remote Compensation: Dependent on experience. Contact Details: email joe@igeek.co.uk Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these positions please contact the poster for further information regarding the position particulars.
  4. This position is now closed. Many thanks for everyone's interest. igeek
  5. Hello all Here we've posted an example FileMaker 13/12 calendar. You can download it for free and use it in your own code. Go here to read blog post. Have fun! The igeeks
  6. Hello all A short blog post you may find useful: improved PatternCount searches: http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog/66/FileMaker-Improved-PatternCount-Searches.html Thanks, The igeeks Twitter: igeekUK
  7. This may be a stab in the dark, but we'd like to be able to pull the caller ID from an incoming call on an iPhone into FM Go. Is this possible? Here's the scenario: FileMaker Go is running on the iPhone iPhone receives call User answers call User switches to FileMaker Go FileMaker Go matches caller ID to its own user table entry, displays associated info for that user Probably a stab in the dark! But suggestions gratefully received. The igeeks
  8. Hello all, Hope you find this interesting - an easy way to implement a progress bar in FM12: Click here
  9. A short article on copying Value Lists from one database to another: http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog/34/Copying-Value-Lists-in-FileMaker.html Hope you find it useful! The igeeks
  10. Hey everyone! Part three of our series on creating a calendar in FileMaker 11/12 is now live on our site. There are links to the earlier parts too, if you need to catch up. http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog/36/Creating-a-month-view-calendar-in-FileMaker-Part-3.html The igeeks
  11. Hello For those of you who've read part one, here's part two of our article on how to create a workable monthly calendar in FileMaker: http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog/30/Creating-a-month-view-calendar-in-FileMaker-Part-2.html And if you missed part one, it's here: http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog/23/Creating-a-month-view-calendar-in-FileMaker-Part-1.html Happy reading! The igeeks
  12. Icons insert and sync.

    Hi, Ok, point 1; - Are you inserting the graphic onto the layout or into a field? PNG is definitely a supported format, and I haven't heard of this issue before. It sounds a bit like this one; http://tinyurl.com/7f2xlpx Point 2; - Dropbox is another way of Syncing data from FileMaker Go to desktop, however you must OPEN the file prior to losing connection. Once open you can lose connectivity. When you get your connection back it will re-sync with the stored version. Hope that helps. James -- James Chiswell Jones Project Manager/Developer Igeek Web: http://igeek.co.ukBlog: http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog Twitter: @igeekUK
  13. Hello, This is a great technique for creating a month view calendar, with just a SINGLE relationship in FMS10/11; http://www.igeek.co.uk/blog/23/Creating-a-month-view-calendar-in-FileMaker.html Enjoy! James
  14. Some nice alternatives to DropBox that are OK for secure files: http://t.co/L1nIRdiF

  15. Time to reinvigorate the igeek Tweet feed!


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