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  1. I would be grateful if someone could help me with this calculation for Conditional Formatting. I have a birth control portal that gives the next birth date according to the last service. I would like the birth date to change colour with the proximity of the event. For days > or < my formula works but not for a range of dates eg 255-269 days If (Birth control_HEATS::HEAT = "LAST" and GetAsNumber(Get(CurrentDate)) - GetAsNumber(Birth control_HEATS::SERV_date) = 255-269 ; 1 ; 0 ) I have tried using 255...269 and 255..269 but not accepted.
  2. Sorry about the time responding. I've been trying to figure out the 'Go to Field[yourField]' It doesn't seem to work whatever way I put it in the script. Only when I manually click inside the portal, does the register jump to the 'last row'.
  3. That works for the individual portals using 'OnObjectEnter' but I must activate the object manually to get to the last record.
  4. Thank you - that is very useful. I have a file that has multiple tabs and sub-tabs, many with portals. The script trigger works for the main-tab but not the sub-tabs and causes a disturbance when clicking through their registers. Script triggering on the individual portals does not either. How can this to be worked? TIA
  5. Thank you everyboby for your help. The internet is not always available, but I shall be back when I have had more time to check out 'cross-tabs' and that Last(x) function.
  6. Ocean West, Thank you for the guidelines - I have set up a mini file with Tables 1 & 2 and am now experimenting with the next ... but have not found any reference to 'cross-tab reports' in FMP
  7. Aussie John, All the animals, new and old, are weighed on the same day of each month. The growth performance of each animal is studdied individually and also in groups, some of which may include past animals..
  8. I also have the records sorted, (filtered), by year so that the monthly weighings can be easily updated ... ... the last entry referred to in my original question would be April 2012 in the majority of the registers shown above but not for 'FANTA' whose last entry is in Febuary nor the others who left the list in previous years.
  9. efen, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I adapted my Excel records which had one row for each animal with a weighing each month. The Excel spreadsheet starts in 1996 with one column for each month. About 25 animals are born each year and roughly the same quantity disposed of. That's 16 years of data ( x 12 months = 192 columns) Seemingly too much for Filemaker. So, I divided each animals data into yearly registers of 12 months and imported to Filemaker giving nearly 2,000 registers. The example shown is, I believe, a portal As you say, the rows are the records, eac
  10. Hi, I'm very new to FileMaker having been tied to excel for many years In excel I have lists of Weights of Cattle going back many years which can give many fields ... 11 x 12 in the current example For Filemaker I have accomodated the data,(rightly or wrongly), in yearly records My first question is .... How to make a calculation to find the last entry , ie., "451" Thanks in advance, P.
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