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  1. Ok, I found the problem. One of the parameter, that would go in a FM text field of the new created record, trows the error response if it is true, as boolean, or even "true" as text, because in the json conversion wasn't inserted in between quotes. Changing it to 1 or 0 or else, doesn't return the error anymore. Just for completeness, I am creating new FM records from an external environment, in LiveCode. I can easily solve this particular problem but this wasn't my point: Is it possibile to find out which parameter or wrong field name or missing field in the destination la
  2. Trying to create a record on FMS18 using its API, sometime I get an error response: {"messages":[{"code":"1708","message":"Parameter value is invalid"}],"response":{}} I know what this means, but i wonder if there is a way to get back from FMS, with the error message, which parameter (field) is the culprit. I am pretty sure that, having to deal with US and European date format, my seldom error depends on this. But the error message is so vague... Thanks
  3. Will google it. Thanks But do you think I would be much better learning how to SQL?
  4. Opps. Sorry. I forgot to mention that I am putting together a sort of dashboard. So there are other values (and PieChart), similar to the one I mentioned: like App version, Hardware type, language and similar. Beside the time it would take, I would then need multiple sort followed by a set field with the results; almost the equivalent of doing loops. Suppose there are thousands of records... One thing that baffles me is that, creating a relationship between the "OSversion" field and itself, a subsequent count calculated field and using this as the second field for the List,
  5. Without using SQL (that i find cumbersome) I would like to create a Pie chart, with a dynamically list of labels (?!) I want to do a small analytics using FM. My App, using the FM API, creates a record putting in the FM field "OSversion" the OS system they run in (that can be various, iOS 9.3, 10.1, 11.2, etc) I am struggling to come up, without looping trough the records, for a calculated field that gives me what i need for the PieChart: that is the total of each iOS version return delimited, no matter how different and how many they could be.. For the labels I can use off cour
  6. On windows 7 (VMware on OSX), using FMP17 and Microsoft Access 2016 Trying to do a ODBC import and selecting the datasource, I get asked for Username and password, even if the Access DB is not password protected. The data sources are correct (tested from Livecode) and should be working without user name and password. On the properties of the ODBC pane setup the path seems correct (not pointing to 32): %windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe What am I missing?
  7. I have a developer subscription. My FMS17 works fine on OSX 10.12.6. I installed FMS17 on a Win7 (VMware) virtual machine (developer should allow up to 3 FMS) and FMS seems to work fine: I login, see the demo file, etc. The problem is that when I try to upload a DB from FMPA, both from OSX or from the VM Win7, I see the FMS but the login pane is greyed out. I reinstalled FMS to no avail. Is there a problem with Win7? Something else? Thanks Trevix
  8. So...now is 2018 and a lot of water went under the bridge. Would anyone with expertise update this discussion, please? How would I go on building a web site for a travel agency, that uses FMS to manage all its business, where users can login and exchange data with the agency about an enrolled travel? They tell me that ODBC/XML is not considered secure anymore. Custom web publishing hosted by the agency hardware? Thanks Trevix
  9. After a lot of research, I have not yet been able to understand how to recommend / fulfill my client's wishes. I created a management software (FMS16 on the client hardware server) for a travel agency, which at the moment communicates with customers with exchanges of e-mails and pdf, automatically generated by FM. Now the agency would like to allow customers (say 20 max concurrent users) to log in on the internet and exchange all the information, in the various pre-trip and post-travel phases, via the website: - secure web login, password generation, forgotten password management, etc
  10. On OSX 10.11.6, FM 14.04, FM 15.0.3, Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.20. No Acrobat reader (that I know of). A single FM test database with just one interactive container field, either saving externally or not. Dragging a PDF or using the menu (insert). Single page or multiple page PDF Works fine on FM12. Show only a black field on FM14 and FM15 with no possible interaction Works fine if the container is not interactive. Any solution? Thanks Trevix
  11. I am the developer of an application that, when launched, gets a URL to an internet web page where I have written the current version number for that application. Doing some parsing on the return from the URL, the application knows this way that it has to advice the user of a new version available. I would like to do the same thing with FMS 13 and webdirect: - have some text on the connection page/layout (the version, to be parsed by my application) - collect some data from the user app (that I will put inside the URL) may be triggering a new record for every call In this way, not
  12. It dose not. Somehow both on the iphone and on the iPad it report 640 on the screenWidth and on the desktop width. It works on the desktop computer tough. I tried other get funcions but it looks like the IWP does not distinguish iPhone from iPad. Weird !
  13. I noticed that nobody answered to how to choose a different layout on the opening script according to iphone, ipad or PC version (very different screen sizes...). I tried with several get functions but they seems not to report correctly on the web browser. Anybody with a solution ? To contribute, I report this: http://www.creative-networks.de/en/iwp-page-optimization-for-mobile-devices/ Trevix
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