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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. (Un)fortunately everything was set up ok. Another restart made it work instantly. Thanks again. Steve
  2. Hello everybody, I also posted this on the FileMaker forums but unfortunately got no response. I configured my FileMaker Server 10 (on Small Business Server 2008) to allow login via External Authentication. I also created a global group "testgroup" and assigned my user "testuser" to the group. In the FileMaker database I created the group account for "testgroup". When I want to open the database (open remote without filter, then select database) I still get the credential window. However, when I enter testgrouptestuser I can login using the password of my domain user. So authenticatio
  3. Hello everybody, on FileMaker clients I can increase the memorysize for ScriptMaster at /Library/Application Support/360FmKit (as described here: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Heapspace_Out_of_Memory_Error). Where would I need to set it on FileMaker Server? Thanks, shak
  4. Hello all, I have a FMS 13 and want to execute the AES functions of the sample file (CreateAESSecretKey, EncryptAES, DecryptAES) via the new "Perform Script on Server". However when I execute the functions on the server (on the client everything works), I get a "java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: Cannot find any provider supporting AES". I've installed Java 7 Update 45; java -version says 'java version "1.7.0_17"'. The standard functions of the plugin work server side without a problem (e.g. SM_Version or SM_LastError). What could be the problem? Thanks a lot
  5. Hey folks, does anybody have experience connecting FileMaker to an Exchange Server for getting Emails? What Plugins are out there? I just found the Exchange Manipulator plugin from productive computing. Any experience with that? Alternatives? Thanks a lot. To clarify: I don't want to use the POP3 protocol, but connect directly to Exchange.
  6. Hey everyone, while it's easy to show every other x axis label in a line chart (e.g. with Mod()) I can't figure out how to skip some data point labels on the y axis. When I create empty data rows the chart "cuts" the line, so the values have to be there. Does anyone has a trick on how to do it? To understand the problem better: I have a line chart with a lot of repeating values and just don't need to see every occurrence of the repeated data point label. Thanks in advance.
  7. From 1 company to max. 6 companies at a time; you should be able to say "I want to see company A and company B" or "I want to see the whole group", etc. When more than one company is shown the client just wants to see the single positions of "Sales Revenues" and one other expense part. All the other parts should not show the single positions but only the sum (this is what I meant with expand/collapse).
  8. Thank you very much, I'll look into that. Vertically positions and sub summaries should be displayed. Basically like a standard statement of income. The attachment (wikipedia) shows the sub summaries. "Sales Revenue", "Other Expenses", etc. are the parts which summarize the single positions (you should be able to collapse/expand the parts). The attachment shows only one column for values, as described above here I need multiple columns for different values and time periods (every month, quarter and - of course - the year; see above).
  9. Thanks for your answer Well, the monthly values aren't all in the same record. The Values table has one record for every month/quarter for every position - or did you mean that? The client just want's to display all the months, quarters and the year horizontally; it's not all in one table (this makes it more complicated to summarize). Maybe my description wasn't that good. My problem really is the view of the data. The client wants the thing to behave like a spreadsheet (I know...) and needs to see exactly this view. And that makes it a bit complicated, because you ha
  10. The "Positions" records show planned and actual revenues for every customer (planning for the year, quarter and month). But there are also expenses like fees for freelancers, office expenses, etc. So it's basically a statement of revenues and expenditures. At the bottom of the list it should give you the EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes).
  11. To make it more clear here's the basic structure (numbers don't necessarily make sense but you get the point):
  12. Hello everybody, I'm a bit undetermined about the structural design of a business assessment in FileMaker. Here's what I need and have: Table 'Positions' Table 'Values' Table 'Categories' I display the positions table, which contains the fields year, company, positionText and a calculation field with a fix value for every time period that has records in the table "Values" (M1...M12, Q1-Q4,Y). The "Values" table contains various fields for planning figures, actual figures and calculations with these figures. Basically it looks like this: year | company | ca
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