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  1. Brilliant! It worked. I knew I was overlooking something simple! Thanks.
  2. Yes, DriverID is indexed and are all unique. Full_Name is a calculation, indexed "First_Name & " " & Last_Name" and are all unique.
  3. I'm pulling my hair out over this one. I know I've seen the answer to this one somewhere, but no amount of googling seems to be helping me find it again. I've created a value list that uses values from a "Drivers" table. The first field value is the DriverID, and the second is Full_Name. When I select to sort values using the Second Field, the value list shows only the first record from the Drivers table.
  4. Drivers need to hand in a log for everyday of the year, 365 days that is, but I only ever need this particular data for the previous six months. This database isn't used for payroll purposes in any case, just to check and ensure compliance with Federal Legislation among other things. I need to be able to find which logs are missing by the records not existing in the database. Thanks for the help, eos. I'll play around with this and see if I can integrate it in.
  5. Good Morning, In the trucking business, drivers are required to record their entire day on what is known as a "Driver's Daily Log". A driver has many logs, there is one log for every date. Drivers should have one log handed in for every day of the year. One of the problems I have is ensuring that everyone hands in a log for every day. I need a script that can identify for each driver the logs that have not been handed in and alert the user.
  6. Wow, I feel blond right now. I definitely didn't even think of it, even though I've seen that option a million times. I'll give it a shot, thanks!
  7. I have a database recording driver infractions and unit km on a a daily log. These records are input on the same "New Log" layout through portals. My problem is, when a log needs to be deleted, I need the km and infraction records to be deleted too. Logs.zip
  8. Good Afternoon, I'm attempting to create a database that records violations on driver logbooks. There is one log/record per day per driver. There are 11 violation categories, and 85+ violations. Right now, each violation is its own field with Y or N radio buttons (Y=1 and N=0). I need the simplest way to be able to create a report totaling the number of violations per catergory in the record, and number of violations total for the record.
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