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  2. File Name: AdvanceInstant Search File Submitter: nihantanu File Submitted: 10 Apr 2012 File Category: Solutions FM Version: 11 Advance serach Filemaker solutions Hi all, I have created a FMS which is intended to give advance search result based on searching substring.In development many times we encounter such a requirement of showing recd in portal based on searching string...this solutions searching mech is different from previously you have implemented in your project or something else...The things goes in this way: suppose you have to search all record which contains "ish" as a substring... I mean occurrence of searching string can be found at any position(Like substring) within searching recd For Instance: I want to list out all the record which has "ish" as sub string....so after going through my solution you will see that we are showing recd which have "ish" as substring...like nishant, manish, nishman, ishant...this all record will populated when u will enter "ish" in searching Box. Now the point is that presentation of data should be in form of well ranked I mean "I have committed to show your searching related result at top" I mean in some order...so that you won't frustrate and data for which you are looking come in first page or at top...Like as Google searching and displaying of data...Remember I am not comparing my solution with Google...or there searching mechanism... Just I have consider a point for showing data which come first in searching position will come first this is what I used for ranking of result. In addition to this I have also made my solution little bit user friendly like how many rec has been found in each key stroke...and navigation through rec by portal pagination technique...I am expecting that definitely you guys will like me effort...I am looking forward for your feedback on my this development... - Thank You. Nishnat Kumar Click here to download this file
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