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  1. Has anyone updated FileMaker Server 14 to version 14.02.226 yet? We are having annoying moments as php stop working then FileMaker Pro Advanced was crashing while working on hosted file etc, etc. If you are going to update anyway and use more than one FileMaker Server 14 then make sure that everything is working on that one before update the rest.
  2. One really basic thing I miss in script editor -> "Undo" or "Cmd+Z" (Ctrl+Z) Also, could be cool in next version to copy from plain text and paste it to the FM script editor. Final impression about script editor is that with this improvement we've got enough to speed up on development.
  3. Well, you may try to set script trigger which will on "Exit field" delete the value in that filed and store in some global variable. A global variable could be placed over that field as a layer. Then if you click on "Save button" the "save script" will store that value from global variable to database. If you leave the page then always make that global variable empty.
  4. This morning just after start on Filemaker Pro Advanced I've noticed an option to upgrade to the new version of Filemaker 12 Pro Advanced. There was a list of new features...like themes available to be customized and other. Does anyone know more about this upgrade? Thanks p.s. mistake to put this post in filemaker 13 area, pardon for that
  5. One of my filemaker friends have figured out what is the problem. The windows server, where filemaker server is hosted, has dynamic instead of static IP address. That cause all problems. Now we know the reason but still working on solution.
  6. The file is on Filemaker 13 Server and I want to see the picture on Web Direct side. When I load an image into an empty layer, button, layout part such as Header or Body...these images we can see in filemaker workstation but not on web direct - web browser. I did try different computers, different web browsers etc = same result. For example, I want my button to display one image but when hoover it then to display some other picture. When I play with colors, that goes well, when instead of colors I use images then no results - again in web browser. I did try with different styles
  7. It is there, FileMaker 13 is now real: http://www.filemaker.com/products/whats-new.html
  8. Hi there, does someone know is possible to count Layouts but per each Table separatly? So if You got table: "Car" which has layouts: Price_List, Model and Purchase And then table: "Contacts", with layouts: Contact_List and Contact_Profile Obvious that table "Car" has three layouts and "Contacts" has two...but can we figure out that in script which will make calculation of how many layouts are per certain table? Any help appreciated Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks guys, Yes Wim, I did make all these checks before I posted here. Just to add that m able to establish ODBC locally but when targeting remote, ODBC test failed.
  10. Hi, Got a problem with establishing ODBC connection on relations: my local PC to the file on remote server. "Failed to connect to listener[2]" is the error which I got out of ODBC FileMaker DSN configuration manager while testing connection. I did use manual and advices from this link: http://help.filemake...kw/xdbc drivers Few possible reasons: 1.) In FileMaker ServerDatabase ServerExtensions folder I'm missing xDBC.fmplugin. I was digging the web to find xDBC.fmplugin plugin but couldnt get it. Does anyone know where I can do
  11. Thanks for quick reply as first. Unfortunately yes, it has to be done this way, through the script. Conditional Formatting is cool but too narrow option in some cases. For example in simple HTML we can set background color of database field by simple command. So I'm surprised that in FileMaker we cant use something easy to do the same. Might be good idea to bring that functionality in FileMaker 13...
  12. There is a text field Status and Drop Down List with different Statuses - High, Normal, Low. The idea is that when we change status in drop down list then to change and color of entire field. So, when Status is High then to be Blue, when Normal then Green and for Low to be in Red. No, cant use conditional script because end user might want to change and relate High to Yellow etc. Right now I use TextColor(UNDERLINES;RGB( Red ; Green ; Blue )) Which retrieve underline in different colors but that that is not good enough as it leaves white margins. Indeed, is possible
  13. Ron, thank you so much for your help. Seems as GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( LeftValues ( $tabs ; 1 ) ; "isFrontTabPanel" ) = 1 might bring some result, I'll post here as soon as I make it work in my case. Mr Vodka, that is what I did try as first and it wont go.
  14. Yes indeed, I got 8 Tab panels on one Layout and need to pass to the script just the active one. At the moment I use Get(ScriptParameter)...but was so in hope that we can do something with Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel).
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