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  1. So, We have a unix admin working on our Mac OSX server. I specifically instructed them not to break our Filemaker 13 Apache install. Well it looks like they worked on the machine but broke one thing. Does anyeone know where I should look to fix this? What works: Webserver servers files fine from the Filemaker HTTP Folders. Filemaker WebDirect works fine. PHP is working. PHP is indicated as ON in FMSA Admin. Admin pages at http://localhost:16001/admin-consolework fine. Admin screen shows green on Webserver. Indicates PHP is enabled. This is the only thing that is not working: Previous PHP pages which has successfull connection to databases no longer connect to the database. I assume that a reference to filemaker somehow got removed from one of the php config files, but I don't know where. Can anyone give me an idea where to look?
  2. I just downloaded this solution. I checked in preferences and did not see a way to change what appears to be a forced location of the window being anchored to the left side of the screen. If I move the window, clicking on any menu item moves my window back to this location. Is there a way to stop this behavior? I prefer the window on the top right corner of the monitor. It appears to be happening due to the use of "Resize to Fit" without reading the current location of the window. I can just disable the step, but it seems odd that such an elaborate solution would move windows like this. Maybe I am missing something.
  3. Is super container super enough to be used with IWP, or do I need to find another solution?
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