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  1. HI SIR , is it possible for u to add attachment icon to every post which has a sample file hope u got my point

  2. For this kind of cross-platform problems I always use global variables setting script to change the paths with platform change which I think is easier rather than using complex calculations , set default globals with respective device id script and enjoy fm flow , since 9 yrs i never used global variables when i understood what are they my solution took Uturn IN UX/UI DESIGN hope u got my point try to use globals for ur paths
  3. HAHAHAHA tx for the idea u gave now i am more complex now i m pulling delivery status
  4. OK GOT IT WILL REMEMBER HAHAHAHA tx for the idea u gave now i am more complex now i m pulling delivery status
  5. tried a lot not working trying since 1hr wat oceanwest said using insert url and json get element kept url into field mistake happening where i am not understanding ???? yes i did it but json balance is not updating DID SOMETHING WORKING PERFECT TODAY I LEARNT JSON used above calculation what does[0] mean i dont know
  6. I know wats JSON no experience to how use JSON and curl never touched will try if failed will cum back saw JSON I don't know what they do plz help with example I will try to understand and apply
  7. I made webhook sms api integration into my solution , I am trying to extract data with formatiing with following calculation - "smsbalance" = Left ( RightWords ( GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "SMS BALANCE"; "CONTENT"; 1 ) ; 3 ) ; 4 ) I am getting desired result but whats happening is "smsbalance" field is not getting updated till i enter into the field smsbalance click into it and clicking outside tried lot scripting entering into it commiting records refreshing windows webviewer is getting updated but not "smsbalance" as u can see i have 4 digit sms balance , how to calculated to any number of sms balance remaining ??/ hope i am clear sms balance"
  8. $$key has value so HexEncode ( CryptAuthCode ( $$RAW DATA; "sha512"; $$KEY ) ) cant be decoded right
  9. i want to learn filemaker server from a to z can someone guide me plz
  10. FA4FF51313D39E41D41BE0E28CE032F2 finally coded to 32 characters plz help me how to decode this step HexEncode ( CryptAuthCode ( $$RAW DATA; "sha512"; $$KEY ) )
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