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  1. multi files

    tx sir will check
  2. multi files

    i made solution master.fmp12 and made child solutions x1.fmp12 , x2.fmp12 and x3.fmp12 - i connected all 3 solutions to master.fmp12 working perfectly fine , x1 , x2 and x3 are locked with admin passwords - when i am opening master.fmp12 i am getting login forms of x1 x2 and x3 is there any solution so that admin credentials are auto entered into these solutions fed up entering username and password everytime hope i am clear plz help
  3. multi font

    success edited few things got what i want thanks a lot doughemi
  4. multi font

    in a field called p1::tn1 i want first letter of the word with font1 and characters after 1st should be font2 i wrote script but no success where am i wrong kindly someone help me plz Upper(TextSize(TextFont(TextColor(Left ( P1::TN1 ; 1 ); RGB( 0 ; 0 ;0 )); "font1" ) ; 12)) & Upper(TextSize(TextFont(TextColor(Middle ( P1::TN1 ; 2 ; P1::TN1 ); RGB( 0 ; 0 ;0 )); "font2" ) ; 12))
  5. container filling

    i made a table with one text field and 10 container fileds and made 260 records , now i am duplicating the same table nine more times so fields are duplicated not the records question is - i want the other 9 tables container to be filled with table 1 container graphics which i can do manually but very hard time taking pain process is there any easy method to make 9 table container fields to be filled with table 1 graphics as we cant export and import containers like text fields to .xlsx please
  6. locked external db

    understood does , it need scripting or else just fm options enough to do so
  7. locked external db

    years ago i started filemaker learning , finally i made solution due to file indexing the size of the solution has been increasing day by day , so decided to make internal required databases as extra solutions now i connected the databases to my base solution without any problem i am using flawlessly , now with 16 advanced version i removed base encryption of external databases with open storage password on , now is it possible to open that exteranl database files through my base solution hope u got my point can someone guide me how to connect those encrypted to my solution
  8. Portals, related records on a Slide Panel

    same wording i guess few years ago u said same thing , though i was < beginner in filemaker usage ur words changed my entire database i had to think logically to drag data from multiple tables , now i made fabulous medical solutions made my life so simple my consultations are running on clicks so fast
  9. set object

    we can script " go or set fields" with our specified calculations , is it possible to set object with our calculation example set field we do calculation is there any set object
  10. unrelated locked formatting

    yes i did same thing was successfull , not understanding why they are grouped when i didnt group them and in fm15 they are not grouped
  11. unrelated locked formatting

    hello Gopala Krishnam Raju, Thank you for contacting FileMaker Customer Support. This is a Winsoft version of the software so you will need to speak to them but before you do, we advise that you try changing the theme, as you might be using a theme in FileMaker Pro 15 that is no longer available in 16. Before you change the theme though, be sure to make a backup copy of the database solution first. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support on: 0845 603 9100 (United Kingdom) or 01 4073432 (Ireland), Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)., and reference case number: 170609-000035. Thank you, David Griffiths FileMaker International. – An Apple Subsidiary 2 Furzeground Way Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex. UB11 1BB, UK this is the reply i got some biggie please help me spent 550$ i am sad please
  12. unrelated locked formatting

    its a field its from another layout what to change the styles from inspector its locked why its happening ?? help please
  13. Portals, related records on a Slide Panel

    its true yesterday i made portal into slide panel entire layout disturbed with awkward results within in my portal , didnt understand what happened , did what max i can do for few hours then decided to remove the portal from slide panel now everything became fine , donno whats happening better to stay for they are designed
  14. Google 2-Step Verification

    if Google 2-Step Verification is turned on how to send email from filemaker its not going - what is the solution apart from turning off the Google 2-Step Verification
  15. unrelated locked formatting

    no no i am not able to edit the formatting of fields related to other tables and not even able to change edit box drop down vice versa in fm 16 adv i have selected the field u can see formatting bar locked - tables are related and not global fields reported to filemaker inc want to clarify - hope i am clear from here

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