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  1. For this kind of cross-platform problems I always use global variables setting script to change the paths with platform change which I think is easier rather than using complex calculations , set default globals with respective device id script and enjoy fm flow , since 9 yrs i never used global variables when i understood what are they my solution took Uturn IN UX/UI DESIGN hope u got my point try to use globals for ur paths
  2. HAHAHAHA tx for the idea u gave now i am more complex now i m pulling delivery status
  3. OK GOT IT WILL REMEMBER HAHAHAHA tx for the idea u gave now i am more complex now i m pulling delivery status
  4. tried a lot not working trying since 1hr wat oceanwest said using insert url and json get element kept url into field mistake happening where i am not understanding ???? yes i did it but json balance is not updating DID SOMETHING WORKING PERFECT TODAY I LEARNT JSON used above calculation what does[0] mean i dont know
  5. I know wats JSON no experience to how use JSON and curl never touched will try if failed will cum back saw JSON I don't know what they do plz help with example I will try to understand and apply
  6. I made webhook sms api integration into my solution , I am trying to extract data with formatiing with following calculation - "smsbalance" = Left ( RightWords ( GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "SMS BALANCE"; "CONTENT"; 1 ) ; 3 ) ; 4 ) I am getting desired result but whats happening is "smsbalance" field is not getting updated till i enter into the field smsbalance click into it and clicking outside tried lot scripting entering into it commiting records refreshing windows webviewer is getting updated but not "smsbalance" as u can see i have 4 digit sms balance , how to calculated to any number of sms balance remaining ??/ hope i am clear sms balance"
  7. $$key has value so HexEncode ( CryptAuthCode ( $$RAW DATA; "sha512"; $$KEY ) ) cant be decoded right
  8. i want to learn filemaker server from a to z can someone guide me plz
  9. FA4FF51313D39E41D41BE0E28CE032F2 finally coded to 32 characters plz help me how to decode this step HexEncode ( CryptAuthCode ( $$RAW DATA; "sha512"; $$KEY ) )
  10. is it possible to make global field calculation as get(totalfoundcount) setting for found records
  11. how is the delete button on hover is getting visible kindly explain plz there are encrypted HTML mindmaps that doesn't work without refreshing when used in web viewer plz consider adding attachment icon on topic hope i am clear example like in gmail
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