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  1. Legend, thanks mate. I have to start using more words in my search functions, not just startup page...bahahahaha
  2. Pretty much, or just run the one file that can access all three
  3. Hi All, I have turned to the forum once again due to the high experience and wealth of knowledge to guide me through yet another turbulent time... I have now created three DB's for various aspects of my business. I have just discovered that there is a "Startup Page". Maybe next time I will fully check out the system before I jump in and create the files....I was wondering if I can get your help in trying to create a page that incorporates all three DB's. Is that at all possible. My attempts have resulted in scrambled eggs mauled by a bull mastiff after it has been starved for a we
  4. thanks all, issue was resolved. I appreciate everyones input...
  5. OOOOPPPPSSSS, i was completely going in the wrong direction.....thank you very much for your time and mock up, mate that is exactly what i need to do, i just have to figure out how to incorporate that into the current DB. I am assuming that my idea of having a "tab" called attachments and having this table in that tab is a feasible one?
  6. Hmmmm Wow....I think this is going to make me completely bald... you lost me at "in that case" but I picked you up at the part you were telling me I am trying to figure this out when it is all new.... can I iChat you and give you control....lol
  7. Thanks for your reply Ocean West, and the welcome. I just applied the container field with the interaction pdf as your pic showed (never saw that, geez I'm blind) so that worked well, is there a way to import multiple files in the one record. Say I have a proposal pdf, a pricing spreadsheet and a powerpoint presentation. Can I import them into a specific field so when I come back to the record or access it via iPad i can see each document as required. Sorry if this is before beginner but I am new at databasing and don't know where to start Cheers Daniel
  8. G'Day everyone. I am new to all this FMP12 stuff and I am the first to admit that I know 99% of absolutely nothing..... I am in the process of developing a client contact database for my new business. I need to create a section within the client record so I can import / export multiple files of different types (pdf's, xls, ppt etc) I have tried playing around with container fields and basic scripting. The most I have been able to achieve is importing a single file image icon for the file, but no file or even link. Can someone please help me with a (he is an idiot) explanation.... Che
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