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  1. Thanks All for the many replies. I am getting a lot of ideas on which way to take this development As for the separation model talked about above, that doesn't really apply to me because I am usually not just making interface changes. If I am adding something new to the system, it will involve at least 1 new field or calc or layout etc... Right now I am leaning towards a 1 file many table solution. The only thing I lose by doing that is my ability to fix something in one file like bugets.fp7 and email the fix to a user. By not offering this FIX anymore it will require the
  2. Thank you both for you responses. I am positive I want to start a new version using FM 12. As Ocean West said, it will clear out some gremlins (I like that term) As for permissions, that is a very big deal. There is just 1 password for FULL access that I use and one other password for all users. I am not sure what to make about the data corruption... I have not really ever lost data with FM. The recover utility has always done fine if the file was close improperly. Ocean West: I do like the idea of one file, but do you think it is fine handling 15000+ records in one fil
  3. Hi all! I have a general FM 12 design question that I am hoping some of the experts here can give me their opinion on. I have a FM solution that I have been developing since 1999 with FM 4.0. It is currently being used with FM 11v3 on a Windows system. It originally started in 1999 as being a small database for driver contacts and it has GROWN to be much more over the past 13 years. I work in the Transportation Department for the movie industry. My "Trans" program, as it has become known, is used to run the Transportation Department for many TV shows and movies. I use it mysel
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