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  1. You're right, I've decided to just put it blank, since the layout is gonna be printed anyway he/she (Office Manager) can fill in her name manually and sign it since she can also be temporarily replaced by other supervisors if he/she did not come to work that day. Thank you for you help and I will also consider your suggestion (calculation etc..) for other requirements I might need. Very much appreciated.
  2. There can only be 1 Office manager at a time... but in time he/she might move to another office or resigns and be replaced by a new Office Manager. We don't want to delete records and so we mark them as ex-officers by putting another date field where he/she left office... this applies to all employees.
  3. I think I get what you're trying to say... but I'm a bit confused, first of all I never knew about the self-join relationship so thanks for pointing this out. Admin officer is "Office Manager" to be exact and it is from a field called "Job Title", this field is also populated with other Employees like IT Specialist, Accountant, Registry Clerks, etc... So if you look at the layout provided... John Wick is an Assistant IT Specialist (from "Job Title" field) and I want the Admin Officer to be the Office Manager also from the "Job Title" field.. but I don't want the job title to be sh
  4. so on this record... I want to show another value from another record if that other record meet the requirement. please check picture and I'll explain more... So the picture shows the record of John Wick... Under Admin Officer I want to put the name of the Admin Officer which is another record on the same table, but the record/user needs to be assigned a job title as Admin Officer (like John Wick job title: Assistant IT Specialist) in order to automatically put his/her name in the provided "Full Name:" spot. I tried creating a new field calculation field to put there but I'm lo
  5. So I want to create a button that will open up the sorting window... but instead of showing all the options for sorting to the user, I want to limit what is shown in the sorting window to a specific table with only a few selected fields to be available for sorting... instead of showing everything. Is this possible? what is the best way to do this? Thank you.
  6. Okay thanks I've decided to just leave it as it is and get rid of the "Remaining balance" summary on top. Thanks a lot.
  7. I do have a list view report where a user can use the "Leave" button to filter Print/View just a single type of leave for their perusal.Check picture below; But out of convenience I would like to make it easy for users to just view their remaining balances where "Remaining Balance" is as I mentioned.. instead of clicking few buttons to get to see the whole summary report when they could just see it beforehand if possible. Can I get those last leave balances on the User Profile layout (Where "Remaining Balance" is)? If not then I will just leave it like that. Th
  8. So I have a Table "Daily Leave" related to "User Profile" table. I created a "Daily Leave" portal on the User Profile layout and started adding other fields to this portal; Year, Type of Leave, Leave Entitlement, start leave, resume work etc... please check attached picture. So the Leave Type field is a popup menu which let you choose the type of Leave you want to take e.g. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Compassionate Leave, Leave without pay or Maternity Leave. So based on the this field "Leave Type" I want to show their last "Balance" like shown in the picture. I am able to show the An
  9. Thank you for clearing this out.. so you can do it in-directly using the method below. I have a lot to learn. Thanks a lot... its exactly what I need.
  10. Greetings, So I have a date field which contain lots of date records. I want a button to perform a script to find only dates for this year only on the mentioned field. I am having difficulties trying to Specify a Find Request on what criteria to put.. I can easily put 2020 as a find criteria but I don't want to do this every year, so I need something like "Year(Get(Currentdate)" as a find criteria but it won't allow me giving me the error "The Value of this field must be a valid date in the range of years 1 to 4000 and should look like 25/12/2013". So I guess my question is how to put the
  11. I'm trying to build a database "Staff Leave", which will records staff leave daily etc. This is currently being done manually on excel (check example below). Excel: So based on that excel, I'm trying to come up with a similar design on a filemaker database. I've tried a few but with no luck.. So i've come up with something like below which uses a portal to imitate what looks like the one on the excel. Filemaker: This seems to be working fine. But the problem that I'm facing is when it comes to printing this leave records on this portal. I really hav
  12. So I guess relationships on date fields always ended in a many to many relationship... is this right? cos I just do another one and it just automatically set to many to many... other inputs if you have any?... I'll just continue for now... thnx
  13. I had this old database (still working fine) that I believed was not configured properly especially the relationship parts (please check uploaded tables relationship). The database was used to record users (staff) leave days by Start to End and calculate the number of leave days taken... this exclude the weekends and holidays. The database still works fine but I want to re-do it properly this time. My confusion is why do Leave Table and Holidays Table have many to many relationship? I forgot how this happens but I designed this with a very old version of Filemaker. How can I do the relati
  14. How about now? So User_Profile table contains a field called Registered_As, in which a user will have the option to choose Athlete or Official or Both (from a value list popup or something), then the rest of the fields are just more info.. This User then can participate in a Sport_Event, required that he participate as an Athlete, Official or both.. with a team or not, what sport in which category etc... (I'm having some doubts on where to put the "Ranking" field), but I'm placing it in the Participants table. The Sport_Events table contains a field called Event_Level which coul
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