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  1. Thanks a lot I will try your suggestions
  2. Greetings Steve Martino, Are you saying that in my portal...I can do a find so that it only shows at least 25 last lines (sorted accordingly) and then print? If that is a possibility then I think that would be a great idea. If possible, can you show me how? Example: I want a button to do the following: - find range "start date" to "end date" on the portal (or better yet, last entry date set as "end date" and 25 entries before set as "start date") this way it auto enters the range instead of me putting in the range manually. - show the result - then print (from print preview cos I also have other areas I want to cover in printing but they are not in the portal table) Will this work? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. I will find another way besides preview printing...I am still very new to FM but I will find my way, can you point me in the right direction? The form above should be printed in that table format as a requirement for my work. Right now I do a screenshot of the portal just like the one I uploaded and then do some photo editing and then print. It's a lot of work and it would be nice to just click a button and do just that. Can FM do a screenshot script and cropping of images? lol
  4. Thanks...actually I am not printing the portal but the preview of the portal as in "print preview" but I need to print preview the portal that shows the last rows which are not shown unless you scroll down to the bottom of the portal. I am attaching 2 pics for clarification. the 1st picture is what happens when I print (since the print option uses the print preview view) but I need it to be like in the second picture, the portal has been scrolled down to the bottom and then Print that print preview. I noticed that the print preview always shows the top rows. Is there a way around this? Thanks again
  5. Greetings good people. I need help in printing. So I have a portal that I setup like a spreadsheet with rows and columns and a scroll bar. New entries to the portal will of-course jump to the new row until the portal window is full and then a scroll bar down for new entries. My problem is that I setup the print option to print the preview of the portal but then it will only show the top full visible part of the portal but I want it to scroll to the bottom of the portal and then print that preview part instead but if I manually scroll down and then print...it will always print as if I didn't scroll down the rows. Any suggestions please?
  6. Good one guys. I will try and to pick up ideas from your suggestions....keep them coming.
  7. Greetings good people, I would like to take up your time if you could lend a hand in helping me on how to hide records that are no longer needed. To be more specific, I created a database with employees record in it. Any new employer will be put in the database and update his/her profile. My question is if an employee is no longer working with us, we want to keep his record but somehow exclude him/her/them from the current working employees. Options that came through my mind is that I could mark them as EX-EMPLOYEE on their photo in red or something like that but that would still include them with the current staff. So I want to hide them permanently like they've been deleted but when needed, we can show them who were they with all their past records still intact etc. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Sorry Comment, just ignore the <foundset name1>, etc...I might have written it in a confusing way cos I don't have much knowledge especially in programming & scripting but I thought that would clarify things a bit more but I may be wrong (good thing OlgerDiekstra gets my point). And yes, the "Incremental Date" field refers to the staff's salary IN WHICH the salary is increased annually, That is how my company work with salary anyway....you get a starting salary and then it get increased (incremented) annually until you reach its max (4 years mostly) depending on your performance, etc... And yes you right about the set variable [$stafflist; ""] that didn't do anything, I struggled with it at first but after reading and more research I found the solution (check my previous post). Thank you guys again and Sorry Comment for the confusion.
  9. Thanks a lot here's a working script for me: Go to Layout [original layout] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Table::IncDate; (Month (Get (CurrentDate))) + 1 & "/*" & "/*" Perform Find [] If [(Get (LastError) = 0) Set Variable [$stafflist:"Names and Incremental Dates"] Go to Record [First] Loop Set Variable [$stafflist; Value:$stafflist & "¶" & Table:Name & " " & Table:IncDate] Go to Record [Next;Exit after last] End Loop Send Mail //Use calculation to write message and put $stafflist variable where I need it. End If I run the script on Filemaker Server on schedule. Thanks again.
  10. @comment - yes we're actually using FM11 atm, Incremental Date refers to the staff's salary in which it will get increased annually which I explained earlier on my previous reply. @OlgerDiekstra - thank you for your reply, it looks like you know exactly what I mean given the script you provided. I'll try it out the best way to my knowledge and I will get back to you if I come up with problems or if it works. Thank you again and please feel free to add more input on the matter.
  11. Great, so I'm back with 1 problem which I really need some help with. Script and email (smtp) are working great. Now that I am going to do this correctly (apply the testing to what's required), I came up with a small problem. I'll try and give you an example in detail so you'll get what I mean; Example: In "Send Mail" Options window, I'm sending the email to a specific user/record (accountant), and CC it to our boss. And then I tick the "Collect addresses across found set" under CC so that the same email goes to the concerning staff as well. I manually wrote my Subject and all is fine without a problem. Now the problem that I came across is in the "Message" section because I can write anything their and it'll go to the accountant, cc to our boss and other staff in the foundset without a problem, BUT I want to write something that will mention those staff in the foundset as well for example: "Dear (accountant), please proceed with the bla bla bla...regarding the staff listed below; <foundset name1> <incremental date> <foundset name2> <incremental date> etc... Thank you" So something like the above message, how can I do that the proper way? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
  12. Thank you Comment for your thoughts...I totally agree with you (birthdays suppose to be a surprise anyway hehe), I am actually using this idea on a salary increments annually on our company staff. So every year when a staff salary incremental date comes, I want the current staff, accountant and our boss to be reminded to take procedures in processing the increment on the concerning staff salary, but the process always take long and that is why the reminder should be send 1 month prior the increment date. So yeah, take away the birthday and replace it with salary incremental date. I'll upload a working solution for when I'm done. In the meantime I might return to the topic from time to time for more help. Thank you again.
  13. I just want to give a big thanks to you all for your contribution regarding the topic, Claus Lavendt thank you for elaborating more on the script, Comment thanks for reminding me about Feb 28,29 date and Aussie John thank you for clarifying that I don't need to trap the paragraph marks etc... Taking all that into consideration and long testings, I came up with some problems at first with the script and smtp errors, etc...but now I just want to give you an update that the script is working and that it is sending an email (to my email address first for testing) without a problem. Considering the month February which ends in 28 and sometimes 29, I re-wrote the script to check if today's month is 1 less than bday month then keep sending reminder until ...mmhh I don't know I'm still thinking of the best way of when to stop reminding. I will continue and try sending the email reminder now to bday users (not me) and multiple if found set is more than 1. I will be back if I come up with more problems etc...so please don't get tired of me just yet. Thank you again and feel free to add more ideas to make this better.
  14. Thank you Claus Lavendt for your reply, A script seems to be a great idea (and I was struggling with some sort of calculation), anyway could you please elaborate more on the script or maybe give an example. I'm no expert and would really appreciate it if you could just write down an example script that I could use/edit it according to my needs. Thank you again and hope to see more replies on the matter.
  15. How to make filemaker automatically send an email reminder 1 month prior birthday date? For your information this is how I setup our Filemaker enviroment; Filemaker Server is installed on our Server (Windows Server 2008) and the rest of the clients (domain users) have Filemaker Pro 11 installed on their computer. The Database is loaded on Filemaker Server and clients can access it via Filemaker Pro installed on their PCs. On the database, I have user's record with all their birthday dates, I want to setup filemaker so that it will automatically send an email reminder 1 month before the birthday date comes to the user's record and maybe some other users. Please keep in mind that I want it to do all of this automatically (set it up once and just leave it). Can anyone please be kind enough to explain in detail how to accomplish this? Thank you.
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