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  1. Hi We have a database in Go 14 and users need to Import records from Filemaker Server 14, to Filemaker Go. And it runs very good with all Users that have: Ipad Air 2 and Ipad Pro Import time: 8 to 9 Minutes But all the users that have: Ipad 3rd and Ipad 4rd Generation Import time: + 1Hour Both using the same wireless, Is there any way I can identify in a script what Ipad Model the user has ? Best Regards
  2. Hello Friend If you unckek the allow creation of Records it doesn't show last row but you can´t add records in the portal. But if you need to add records to the portal row, its better if you just check in the Inspector menu under data tab. Hide object When: For example: IsEmpty (Field IdKey portal record) This way if there is no data in the id field of the portal record the line will not show. Best Regards Walter
  3. Hi All After instaling Filemaker Pro Advanced 14 in Windows i notice that inside Script work space if you have a script step like Import Records (with ODBC configuration and a Sql Query ) There is no way to go directly edit the Sql query (Short Cut Key or double click) to change only the query Example : you always have to - Specify data Source (Drop down Menu) - Select ODBC Source - Confirm User Password Edit Menu - Then Edit Sql Query.... Is there any easier way ???? Thanks
  4. Hi EOS In the Script when I try this I get syntax error !! $$OPID = IBBFFN9\#{\!XL:\-M ....... Enter Find Mode Set Field[ID_Field; """ & $$OPID & """] Perform Find How do I write the Set Field with the $$OPID Do you think it is possible even if i losse the índex ... Thanks in Advanced
  5. Hi Comment Good Idea But if i have 100.000 records in the database is there a Risk off getting duplicates this is a Unique record since In some cases It is possible to escape many characters in one record isnt this a risk ?
  6. Hi EOS In the Script when I try this I get syntax error !! $$OPID = IBBFFN9\#{\!XL:\-M ....... Enter Find Mode Set Field[ID_Field; """ & $$OPID & """] Perform Find How do I write the Set Field with the $$OPID
  7. Hi Kris Well I Know about the escape char but the problem is that I dont have a patern off the position off the operators in the id Field also It can have many operators in the same field too on different positions. And if I take them off In the search, I might end Up finding duplicatas because this is a Unique Id for the record.
  8. Hi All I Would need some help with this search I have a database a database full off records that are imported from GOLDMINE CRM but the key field look like this IBBFFN9#{!XL:-M IL2FFN9#{!XL:-P IBBFF#N9{!LL:-O I23BFFN9#{!XL:-M IB%FFN9#{!XL:-M And I can´t find a simple way off searching these because it has Operators in the middle. And filemaker always says no record found Please Help
  9. Hi Wim and JKrier Problem Solved its Because of the SQL Server Native Client Driver 11 I Have an SQL Server 2012 and I did Upgrade the Client Driver to Version 11 (2011.110.2100.60) Filemaker says in the technical Sheet that in SQL 2012 with SQL Server Native Client Driver 11 ready But I Found out that this was the problem because i Installed the old driver 10.0 (2009.100.1600.01) back again. And all scheduled scripts are running Normaly Thanks again
  10. Hi JKrier Hi Wim Server Intel ® Core TM i7 CPU 920 2.67 GHZ 2.67 Ghz Ram: 6GB 64 Bits Windows 7 Professinal Service Pack 1 64 Bits Dedicated: Filemaker Server 13 12 Web User 3 FileMaker Pro User 1 Filemaker Pro Advanced I Have a time limit and it reaches the time, The only error report is that it reached the time limit and thats it And at the admin console you only see status Running after 1 hour they all the scripts are running and none finish. And what is really interesting is that none off these 15 script had problems before FMS12 The onl
  11. Help Please Still can't find a reason for Filemaker Server, to Keep hanging schedule scripts ??
  12. Hi all After installing FMS 13 Windows 7 Professional 64 Odbc SQL Client 11 Im having some problems with schedule scripts that used to run before on FMS 12 very well Its not every time but some times the scripts start and in the admin Console we can see the status -> running and they don't finish and after 1 hour i have to restart FMS 13. Some times it works well four 3 our 4 hours then they start hanging again. And as I said before they work perfect in FMS12 Any Help please.
  13. Hi All HELP PLEASE I am missing something here I have filemaker server 12 installed in windows and I have the database with odbc query sql server and on everything works nice on the server side when I open the Filemaker Advanced 12 odbc works fine. and when I chose the import script step and double click the ODBC connection list is there with all of my connections. Inside the company when I go to other workstation I open Filemaker Advanced 12 then I select open remote chose the the database from the server It opens fine I go to file Manage External Data Sources and I have a
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