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  1. Filemaker hung - a lot like it did before we installed the server upgrade, which we did long ago but are still on. We had multiple connections for the same person in the admin console and no one could be closed. Users just got an hourglass Backup failed due to lock. The only solution seemed to be rebooting the server. Prior to the incident the event.log shows that everyone (so it seems) was no longer responding; connection closed. (10) with a few (51). While 51 is described above as being network card/config related....The 10's may have been due to the ghost logins as the s
  2. I have a button that has attached to it a script that when clicked, updates the database. However, when users enter Find mode, if they hit the button instead of perform find, it updates everything inappropriately (YIKES!). Is there a way for the button to know what mode the user is in and either inactivate when in Find mode or to add an ignore statement within the script if in Find Mode? I didn't see where I could "If in Find Mode, end, end if". Appreciate any and all advice!
  3. Hi, I found this while looking for why my hourly backups started failing - I do have DMP files in the FMS log folder. What do they mean and what do I do with them as they are not readable by notepad?
  4. You're awesome! I rewrote the custom function, and it's such a relief to have it work as expected! Thank you so much for your wisdom and help. // determine font size: Let ( [ CSS = GetAsCSS ( text ) ; pos = Position ( CSS ; "font-size: " ; 1 ; 1 ) ; start = pos + 11 ; end = Position ( CSS ; "px;" ; start ; 1 ) ; sizenow = Case ( pos ; Middle ( CSS ; start ; end - start ) ; 12 ) ] ; // resize up or down TextSize ( text ; Case ( PatternCount ( upordown ; "up" ) ; sizenow + 1 ; Max ( 1 ; sizenow - 1 ) ) ) )
  5. We allow users to increase and decrease font size by clicking a + or - sign. Each sign is a button and the button is a "set field" with the field specified and the calculated result: textSizeChg (field ; "UP" ), where textSizeChg is a custom function written by someone long ago: *********************************************************************************** // fontSizeChg ( text ; upordown ) Let ( [ sizenow = Filter ( LeftWords ( GetAsCSS( text ) ; 5 ) ; "1234567890" ) ; sizenow = Case ( IsEmpty ( sizenow ) ; 12 ; sizenow ) ] ; TextSize ( text ; Case ( PatternCount ( u
  6. hi, we are seeing this error pop up in our logs. We aren't sure what it means nor how to fix - or even how serious it is (although we note it's an error, not a warning or information). Please let me know what you'd do if you saw this error. Thanks!
  7. We have a button which allows our users in increase or decrease text to fit into a field. The botton set up is simple: textSizeChg ( [field] ; "DOWN" ) and there's a corresponding button, textSizeChg ( [field] ; "UP" ) However, we recently started importing a wine called 'KM501". Whenever the business tries to Up or Down the text size (which begins without a font size attached to it), FM is interpreting 501 as being the font size - not the text to apply the up or down to. So the down button takes the font size to a gigantic 500 and the up button takes it to 502! Once at
  8. First you have to have a transparent image. I suspect your image is not. Go to http://www.lunapic.com. Upload your image and select Edit | Transparent. Lunapic does a lot of wonderful things for images - for free. Hope this helps,
  9. Is there a plug-in or a workaround to FM 11 not recognizing the Windows keyboard "enter" key on the numeric keypad for entering data into an edit box? The edit box holds a list of items which are defined by numbers. However each number needs to be separated by a return. Googling shows this has been a long time issue - I'm hopeful someone has a solution by now? Fingers Crossed!
  10. We may have a ghost in our filemaker app! We have a simple "find" screen, where users input a word or phrase to search on. They then hit find. Near and dear is the red underline clueing the user in that the word they are searching on is misspelled. When the folks (who are on windows) right click to select the correctly spelled suggested word, a duplicate box displays in browse mode showing the suggested word, about 2 inches below the original field. The suggested word also updates the original field. That duplicate box doesn't exist on the layout, and it does go away if you hit tab
  11. We have an application which we will be deploying via Terminal Services, with multiple users accessing a single server located remotely. # of users is between 250-300 so we don't want to do it manually for them. How can we automatically configure preferences so our users: 1. aren't notified when there are updates or a new version (we'll cover them from corporate) 2 set memory to 256 3. set default font THanks!
  12. Thank you Brent. I separately emailed you back and provided a sample. The bug report link didn't work, but am happy to fill one out if the address can be provided. Thank you again,
  13. Certain of our PDF's ERROR when uploaded via Scribe. How do we avoid such errors and/or how do we know in advance what type of PDF's work? I have uploaded a sample to 360Works site, but I have not heard back. (Since it's company data, I'm not at liberty to post gobally)
  14. Oh, my! We found the issue. The external data source was tagged to show Views, but not Tables. Apparently, when the file is not hosted, it does not need to have Tables checked. But when it is hosted, Ess needs both Tables and Views to be able to see the views. Pfew! This looked like a show stopper! But...the show must go on, and it will :laugh2:
  15. To clarify, if the file is not hosted, the ESS works great. Even on the Windows2008/64box. However, once the database is uploaded onto FM11Adv on that same box, ESS fails. We have run repair on FM11Adv, rebooted yet again, and still ESS connections fail.
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