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  1. Upon updating the plug-in to version 3 for FileMaker 16, when firing the script that sends the emails a dialog box flashes on the screen for each email sent. If you try to switch applications while FileMaker runs the script, the cursor will deactivate from whatever app you are using to bring up the plug-in dialog. This was not an issue in the previous version and has now become an annoyance to those who are trying to accomplish tasks after hitting the button. If there are several records queued up to send an email, it will interrupt all other functions on the computer as eac
  2. As relates to FM Server 13 and FX Further study of this issue has brought about the following: Setting your server_data.php file in FX: For some reason the only way I could get it to work was by entering the data as follows: $serverIP = localhost ; $webCompanionPort = 80 ; $dataSourceType = FMPro7 ; //$webUN = ‘’; //$webPW = ‘’; $scheme = http; notice the absence of the single apostrophes around the variable values since I am not a PHP expert, I am going to assume that variables should no longer use quotes of ANY kind? This has at least gotten me to the point of being
  3. Dave, I also experienced a broken solution when FileMaker Server 13 is installed. Download the fx.php from the site again and use those files. Chris Hansen did do some modifications to the code for Server 13, but there is not documentation that tells you so. After I installed the new version I was able to get it working again. Here is his post: ------------ Dan, Upgrade your FX.php install. There was an odd little glitch introduced in FileMaker 13 (a trailing question mark on a POST URL will break things) and FX needed to be tweaked. Now if only FMI would fix the XML
  4. FileMaker Go falls short in it's ability to return the results of an API. Since credit transactions must be secured, the HTTPS protocol must be used for communication with the API. While I was able to get it working perfectly with HTTP, there so far has been no workaround for HTTPS. Doing the API exchange via the FileMaker app uses the import script step via xml and works absolutely great, however the Go limitation of only allowing importing from another FileMaker file also limits the ability to use this method via Go. So far the only way we have figured out how to do this is to allow t
  5. Yes. One new piece of information has surfaced, upon opening a mail client (MacMail) there was a pop-up window name "Verify Certificate". Although this does not usually pop-up on the other workstation, could this cause FileMaker to not send via SMTP? Once the certificate is verified, and since all requests are generated from the same LAN, all subsequent SMTP requests are granted, however if FileMaker is the first to attempt to send via SMTP, could this be causing the issue? Also, since the person who uses the main workstation is usually at work everyday, and is more often than n
  6. Occasionally SMTP mail fails on server for no known reason. To fix it, we send out a mail from an email client, it goes through and then server resumes sending out mail without errors. No settings are ever changed. At one point we thought that a certain character in the email body might be causing an issue but we have never been able to pinpoint what it is or if that is actually what is happening. HELP!!!!
  7. What does the half-filled circle under the Go/Pro column designate?
  8. We are still having this problem, but only intermittently. Today the plug-in threw several java errors before finally successfully processing. It did not charge during the errors, so that is a good thing. We currently have the plug-in on 2 workstations. Since we do not use it for every order, it is hard to tell whether the problem is a workstation issue or not. One workstation has not gotten any errors recently, while the other has. I don't know whether it makes a difference, but we have an option to send for processing without address info, which we built in cases where the proces
  9. Just my 2 cents on the object attributes 'embossed' 'engraved' 'drop shadow'. Upon update all the objects will keep their attributes unless you decide to update the layout or each individually. You can use the format painter to move these attributes to other fields and it works, and one new thing that I personally like is that you can drop the line to ANY fraction of 1 and it will do it, even though they only give you .25 in the drop down. The corner radius still works as well. so even though they are technically not available to newly created objects, you can still paste o
  10. We've been using the Plastic plug-in for about a week. The version we are using is .82 but I just notice that they updated recently for filemaker 12, so I am going to install that now, however, if this is not a version problem, here is what happened: We are using FileMaker 12 and so far, we've been able to figure out and provide users with feedback when an error occurs. We got a java error ( of which the exact nature I can't tell you because I didn't take a screenshot ) but it contained something like java.something.something in the reference, which I'm guessing is
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