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  1. Hi everyone... got a simple yet no so simple question... what would be the script to add a year minus one day to a date? Like in insurance policies which expire one year less a day from the day you bought it? Seems complex because some months have 31 days.. some 30, some 29 on leap years n 28 on other.... Thanks!
  2. What happens if you want to add a year, less or more ONE DAY to a date? The formula is alot more complex isnt it? The above is adding and subtracting a month... when it comes to day? Like in insurance policies which expire one year less a day from the day you bought it?
  3. Thanks guys! Really appreciate your time.. problems solved! The dates codes came from an article by filemaker on how to add a month to a current date. It was not in the code. Thanks about the tip
  4. I have solved this myself, as below: However i am puzzled by few things: 1) as can be seen in the highligted row.. my specified find param is "Sales_Management::sort_start & "..." & Sales_Management::sort_end" what does the "..." stand for? Does it have some meaning? 2) i got this snippet of script to add a month to a date... however... i do not understand what is going on... if i wan to MINUS a month or even two, which one of the numbers do i change? If(Day(Sales_Management::sort_start) > Day(Date(Month(Sales_Management::sort_start)+2;1;Year(Sales_Management::
  5. Hi... trying to do something straight forward which is to find records between a start and end date. I did this to filter of files that are deleted i.e. deleted = 1. But when i tried to add a value from a global field named start_date and sort_date which are both date fields, and tried to do Table::Created_date < Table::sort_date for example.. it tells me i need a date field. Can i not use a variable value in a find or find supports only absolute values... like the "0" above
  6. Try this file.. when you add items to the invoice.. a pop up window will appear. The search across multiple fields and also search as you type is enabled here. Invoices (Global Field Line Item Search).zip
  7. I would just like to have a visual confirmation... when i just use value list, it would show up while you are typing.. but when its already been entered.. just the id number would remain... thus i would like to fill a field next to it with the related name. If i were to create a TO and create the rship, what would be the source of the field to display the name? If im not wrong it would show the name of the person for which the record i am currently editing isnt it? Not the guarantor name.
  8. Is this possible in FM or do i have to go about doing this in a totally different way? THanks!
  9. Let me re-explain... I want to set a referrer (guarantor) for a certain contact. What i did is then 1) In the sales_management form, i allow the Guarantor_ID_no to be filled with a drop down value list consisting of Customer_contacts:ID_no 2) To make sure that this ID_no is correct, i would like to have the user cross check with a name, 3) Thus i would like to get the related Contact_name with the user input ID_No 4) I would like to take that contact_name and put it in to Guarantor_contact Simple enough in SQL.... using a Where statement. Im stumped on how to do this in
  10. its not a one shot... what i want to do is actually this.. i have a table with Contacts. I would like to have a field which states who referred contactA i.e. contactB. Because its on the same table, I used a field which has a value list of the column for contact_Id which is unique. Thus when a user fills in the contact_id of the person who referred him, my system will automatically fill in the name in another column to verify its correct. Is this the right way to go about doing this?
  11. Ive got this table with Field B and Field C, and another FieldA on another Table. I want to match FieldC to XXXXX then with the matching record, take fieldB contents and put it in FieldA... in SQL it would be something like Insert into FieldA, value from FieldB where FieldC = XXXXX. So sorry but i think this is something very simple... but my unfamiliarity with the concepts of the scripting in FM is giving me a bit of a learning curve. Hope someone can help.
  12. i cant maximize as i cant even see a maximize button.. in fact that one is probably maximized as you can notice i dun even have my windows bar anymore... why is there the black border anyways? I compiled this from a starter example even..... it should work isnt it.. considering the example is from FM?
  13. hi... do not seem to have the option to Format-- Graphic.... where is it? as you can see my button is selected...i also cant seem to find it in the inspector either
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