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  1. Is there a way to automatically run a script if the user ends up downloading a new "version" of the database?
  2. Newbie to SQL so please bear with me. Want to filter the records a user gets based on their login name. I Have a field "SalesRep" in each of the tables I want to sync which works wonderfully for the individual sales reps, but now I have service techs which cover several sales reps territories. I need help on how I can get them to be able to receive the correct salesrep records. where SalesRep = '{MIRRORSYNC_USERNAME}' Thanks
  3. Got my answer via support..you do NOT need to change the install directory. Mark
  4. I'd like to try the new MS3 before upgrading. I know the installation directions say it's possible to run both, and to change the install name to something like mirrorsync3. Do I need to change the install directory also? Thanks Mark
  5. Is there any way to control where the menu where pop-up? I have a form that has a lot of pop-up menus and some of them cover up the label...so the user doesn't know which field they're in. Better yet, could I get the field name to be listed at the top of the pop-up? Regards.
  6. Hey all, I have a Filemaker Server installed on a windows 7 machine...will mirrorSync work on this machine?
  7. Found my answer to the last question...It's a big fat NO...
  8. Yes...I was just coming back to the forum to post that I found that in the save records as lines I needed the $PDFPath. This works in windows but when I try in FM Go on an Ipad it is still overwriting the pdf instead of appending it.
  9. Is it possible to append a pdf with two different page setups? Here's my scenario: I have two different callreports a sales rep can do. A one page("CallReport 1 page Print" and a two page "CallReport Print"). I'd like a script to combine these reports when necessary so that our customer only receives one attachment with both reports. Here is my script: Set Error Capture [On] Perform Find [Restore] (this step looks for all reports marked to print) If [Get (LastError) = 0] Set Variable [$Filename; Value:"Service_Call_Report_" & Substitute ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "/" ; "-"
  10. I have a form which has two seperate fields ( Fruit1 & Fruit2) and I would like to create a value list to show both fields...for example: Fruit1 might have values of Apples, Banana, Grape Fruit2 has values of Lemon, Mango I want a value list when the field is selected to show all 5 as a selection: Apples Banana Grape Lemon Mango Any thoughts?
  11. Hello all, I am creating a inventory database for a bee keeper where he will keep track of the number of hives (along with sorted other things bee keepers track). He would like a layout which will show him by month what his ending count of total hives is. SO my problem is how to summarize across many locations the final count of all hives. Some locations will have many counts for a particular month while others may only have a few. The basic structure is as follows: Table: Locations Field: _LocationIDpk Field: Location Name Table: Inspections Field: _LocationIDfk
  12. I have a inventory database for which I have several locations which I go to and do a physical inventory. SO I have a locations table and an inventory_count table. I would like to create a report/layout that will display my ending count for each of the different locations by month.
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