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  1. Hello, I need help for sorting out properly in two file attached: 1) For JOURNAL CAISSE, I would like just to sort by Imputation on my list as Date or Statut de paiement. I'm having trouble to insert a "Sort List Key" to sort properly because the field imputation comes from another table. 2) For SECRETARIAT ADMINISTRATIF - Test, I need help to sort properly in Expedition Courriers's table. Fields "Date signature lettre" and "Agent designé" are not sorting properly and I'm having trouble to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help. Help sorting (tris).zip
  2. Thanks... Nothing change but I'll investigate more...
  3. Helle everyone, I'm getting this message: "SuperContainer server returned an error code of 500"! What means and how to fix it? I'm working with FMP11 Adv. on Windows. Thanks. Kais
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