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  1. Thanks for the side panel params, I didn't realize it was needed at the beginning of the string
  2. Hi, thanks, 1. Yep, they tell us which trainers can be used, then we need to find the availability (dates) of those trainers. 2. 'From - to' limit - kind of, there is a default period in which we'd be looking (next 7-30 days or so) I was thinking to break things up by Business Week? Unless I have an availability table, I'll have to search multiple tables in order to build up a picture of when the trainer is unavailable; and then from that extrapolate, the other days are when he is available (Show Omitted records kinda-thing) So I'd be looking at a virtual list? Jumping from ta
  3. Part of my solution needs to advise users which are 'good' days to book particular trainers, and which are 'bad'. (Good or bad depends on distance from trainers home and whether the trainer can train that product.) (I've built a matrix of post codes -> Regions and have a join table vs Trainer (i.e. Trainer A likes region A, Trainer A doesn't like Region B, Trainer hates Region C etc) (I also have a 'suitability' join table of trainers to products) My issue then becomes relating which days these trainers are not otherwise occupied or on holiday/sick/PD etc) I can't see pas
  4. Many thanks, that works on a nice clean example file but not in my solution (I'm also calculating other variant attributes in my result string ) so my issue must lie elsewhere. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks for your help on this, but I'm not sure I'm with you: Some courses require a Wallet card be issued (and not a Cert- "NO cert"), some courses require a Wall Certificate be used (and not a Card- "NO card). Some don't care and either a Wall Cert or a Wallet Card may be issued (CARD or CERT) Some courses don't allow for anything to be issued (NO card/cert) So I have four potential results from the state of my two value check box: one value, the other, neither or both. Sounds like I'm way better off with two fields: CertY/N and CardY/N Thanks again
  6. Thanks, My bad, mistake in my original post, what I'm after is when: CardWallCert = "Wallet Card" and CardWallCert = "Wall Certificate", I want it to return "CARD or CERT" Which is the bit I can't get: Case ( IsEmpty ( CardWallCert ) ; "NO card/cert, " ; CardWallCert = "Wallet Card" and CardWallCert = "Wall Certificate" ; "CARD or CERT" ; CardWallCert = "Wall Certificate" ; "NO card, "; CardWallCert = "Wallet Card" ; "NO cert, " ) No joy if both are checked even if i try: Case ( IsEmpty ( CardWallCert ) ; "NO card/cert, " ; CardWallCert
  7. Hi, I've got a field (CardWallCert) with a check box which is fed by a value list with entries "Wallet Card" and "Wall Certificate". It describes which are applicable for a given course (there are a number of possible variants ) and every option is potentially possible (Either one, or the other, or both, or neither) I'm trying to textually describe the contents of the check box (and hence the course variant) via a calculation: eg: Case ( IsEmpty ( CardWallCert ) ; "NO card/cert, " ; CardWallCert = "Wallet Card" and CardWallCert = "Wall Certificate" ; "" ; CardWallCert ≠ "
  8. Bad to worse I'm afraid. Ran through the Deployment Wizard and it balked at the Web Server detection phase; it didn't recognize IIS7. Churned out this error Deployment/Configuration error - 13 Configuration returned error 2,506 when configuring the following component: wpe1 I expect I'll find it somewhere. I've found a couple of leads so far that are dead ends... I quit and relaunch my browser having cleared my Java Temp files. Go to login again and wrong UserName and Password, it says, but they are right, just what I'd typed in earlier, same as they were originally. It
  9. Thanks, that's possible I suppose, (despite everyone being under strict orders not to touch things like that). I notice this morning I have 20 or so instances of the deployment assistant running alongside 20 or so 'Admin Console Locking Error' all listed inside Task Manager 'Applications'. I quit them all and now I've made it worse. Now when I launch the admin console page and I get the response that 'another use is deploying FM server', even if there's no window showing anyone doing so.. Thanks g40sty, I guess I've no choice but to bounce the server and run through the deployment pro
  10. I have a FM 11 Server Adv which has been in Production for over a year, sitting on Win 2k8 R2. I have real problems with Server Admin. It used to just not launch, despite having updated FMS to re: the Java issue. Now, every time I launch Server Admin The Deployment Assistant starts. I don't want to complete it in case I mess something up and bring the server down - it's serving it's DBs just fine, I just can't check logs or changing things using the Java GUI. Any ideas why the Deployment Assistant is behaving like its a new server, when it's working quite happily. How can I launch Se
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