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  1. Hi. in table a i have a field on invoice numbers. i have at the side a portal off all the unpaid invoices. i what to select from the portal some unpaid invoices and insert them to table A. the it will be like 1,4,6,9
  2. hello to all. is there a away in filemaker to have a portal off invoices for one person . and when the costumer pays to select all the open invoices in to one filed in the recite ? Thanks Dani
  3. Hello to all. I what to create a invoive layout. when the user has to input a item there will be 3 options to find it. Barcoce.Item Name.unige serial.and after they input one off the above options it will input from a look up the other 2 options and value and the price. what is the way to do it? Thanks Dani
  4. Ageing thanks for the help. I suck with Substitute i am trying to insert data to fields but with no success. ho do i do it ? like to insert the data of "from_email" and "to_send"
  5. 1.yes 2. it is only a test the data will change Thanks
  6. Thanks very much. bus some there in not working right. can you have a lock @ the file please ? json.fmp12.zip
  7. hello to all. i want to use get url to get json data from a php file. when i run a script i get 3 rows in json. {"id":"2","userID":"1","app":"1","from_name":"danirub","from_email":"danirub@me.com","reply_to":"danirub@me.com","title":"test","plain_text":"","html_text":null,"sent":"1391675943","to_send":"5","to_send_lists":"3","recipients":"5","timeout_check":null,"opens":null,"wysiwyg":"0","send_date":null,"lists":null,"timezone":null,"errors":null,"bounce_setup":"0","complaint_setup":"0"},{"id":"3","userID":"1","app":"1","from_name":"danirub","from_email":"danirub@me.com","reply_to":"danirub@me.com","title":"bbbb","plain_text":"","html_text":" how can i split the result it to 2 or more records ? Thanks Dani
  8. Thanks you all for the help. after i tried it , and i found out that i have a problem i have between etch 2 numbers i have a "¶". is there away i can change it the ¶ a Comma? Tanks
  9. thanks for the help where do i put the TagA and where?
  10. Tanks to all. my mistake in the filed TagA it cab be number like "11" or "21" or "32" etch tag is a two number digit .
  11. hi to all i have a filed that name tagA. in the filed i have tag numbers that are stored "010203040506". how can i separate then bt script that that will stored in filed tagB :"01,02,03".. ​the length of the string can be longer to shooter thanks Dani
  12. Thank You For the script here. I have around 80 fields and i have a API key . but when i run the script i get a black map i think it is a api problem. Can some one please help me. Thank You Dani
  13. Hi to all. in the solution here some time i get a result like this. and it only give me back the result of " 35.080805" and some time i get back the both Parameter and the result is like this. Here i get 32.5744489 & 35.247241. Can some help please ?
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