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  1. Dani Rubenstein

    from portal to one field

    Hi. in table a i have a field on invoice numbers. i have at the side a portal off all the unpaid invoices. i what to select from the portal some unpaid invoices and insert them to table A. the it will be like 1,4,6,9
  2. Dani Rubenstein

    Multipal Find

    Hello to all. I what to create a invoive layout. when the user has to input a item there will be 3 options to find it. Barcoce.Item Name.unige serial.and after they input one off the above options it will input from a look up the other 2 options and value and the price. what is the way to do it? Thanks Dani
  3. Dani Rubenstein

    get url json

    Ageing thanks for the help. I suck with Substitute i am trying to insert data to fields but with no success. ho do i do it ? like to insert the data of "from_email" and "to_send"
  4. Dani Rubenstein

    get url json

    Thanks for the help
  5. Dani Rubenstein

    get url json

    1.yes 2. it is only a test the data will change Thanks
  6. Dani Rubenstein

    get url json

    userID,to_send,id thanks dani
  7. Dani Rubenstein

    get url json

    Thanks very much. bus some there in not working right. can you have a lock @ the file please ? json.fmp12.zip
  8. Dani Rubenstein

    get url json

    hello to all. i want to use get url to get json data from a php file. when i run a script i get 3 rows in json. {"id":"2","userID":"1","app":"1","from_name":"danirub","from_email":"danirub@me.com","reply_to":"danirub@me.com","title":"test","plain_text":"","html_text":null,"sent":"1391675943","to_send":"5","to_send_lists":"3","recipients":"5","timeout_check":null,"opens":null,"wysiwyg":"0","send_date":null,"lists":null,"timezone":null,"errors":null,"bounce_setup":"0","complaint_setup":"0"},{"id":"3","userID":"1","app":"1","from_name":"danirub","from_email":"danirub@me.com","reply_to":"danirub@me.com","title":"bbbb","plain_text":"","html_text":" how can i split the result it to 2 or more records ? Thanks Dani
  9. Dani Rubenstein

    separate a long string

    Thanks you all for the help. after i tried it , and i found out that i have a problem i have between etch 2 numbers i have a "¶". is there away i can change it the ¶ a Comma? Tanks
  10. Dani Rubenstein

    separate a long string

    thanks for the help where do i put the TagA and where?
  11. Dani Rubenstein

    separate a long string

    Tanks to all. my mistake in the filed TagA it cab be number like "11" or "21" or "32" etch tag is a two number digit .
  12. hi to all i have a filed that name tagA. in the filed i have tag numbers that are stored "010203040506". how can i separate then bt script that that will stored in filed tagB :"01,02,03".. ​the length of the string can be longer to shooter thanks Dani
  13. Dani Rubenstein

    Showing Multiple Locations on a Single Google Map Web Viewer

    Thank You For the script here. I have around 80 fields and i have a API key . but when i run the script i get a black map i think it is a api problem. Can some one please help me. Thank You Dani
  14. Dani Rubenstein

    Geocoding using Google Maps API and Web Viewer

    Hi to all. in the solution here some time i get a result like this. and it only give me back the result of " 35.080805" and some time i get back the both Parameter and the result is like this. Here i get 32.5744489 & 35.247241. Can some help please ?
  15. Dani Rubenstein


    Yes I have a layout with the portal in the Layout and it is pecifically for PHP interface

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