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  1. Starting june 15th, new gsuite accounts will no longer be allowed to access "less secure" apps that don't use OAuth authentication. In february 2021, all existing account will lose access too. Are there plans for the 360works email plugin to support OAuth in the coming months? https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2019/12/less-secure-apps-oauth-google-username-password-incorrect.html
  2. We are having a similar issue as well with v3.210 and fmpa17.0.7. Closing the filemaker client just hangs and needs to be force quit. I've attached the log file. This is a fresh log after opening our filemaker solution and then immediately closing it. I redacted the license key in the log. 360Works_Email_FMAdvanced.log EDIT: I've figured out that this is related to the newest version of the other plugin we have installed, BaseElements. Removing either of the two plugins resolved the hang up on close, so there must be an interaction that is causing it.
  3. That build fixed the problem. Thank you!
  4. I am trying to register the email plugin (v3.2) in FMPA17 on OSX Sierra. The registration is initially successful (it is an enterprise license), but if I close and reopen filemaker, the plugin is no longer registered. It seems to not be saving, and therefore does not persist after closing filemaker. Has anybody seen this issue before?
  5. I'm running the demo of scribe 2.15 and having the same issue. I have some cells formatted as numbers with 2 decimal place and ScribeDocReadValue reads them as dates. If it read them as date/timestamps I could interpret the result and convert it to a decimal, but it only reads it as a date which loses information about the value.
  6. I have a very simple script which sends an email using EmailQuickSend with a file attached from a container field. In plugin v2.12 this worked fine, but when I upgraded to v2.14 suddenly this results in ERROR every time (and only if there is an attachment). As soon as I reverted to 2.12 it started working again so I can confirm this is some kind of bug in the newer version.
  7. I guess my question is more generally about how to get GROUP BY to work in ExecuteSQL. For example, I can run this query fine on a mysql version of the database from a mysql client: SELECT MAX(citystatezip_id),city,zip FROM citystatezip WHERE city='Wilmington' GROUP BY zip ORDER BY citystatezip_id ...but when I run it on the filemaker version using executesql, I just get "?". The actual queries im trying to run are more complex, I just made the above query as a test. Is the filemaker sql syntax significantly different from mysql?
  8. I can't seem to get any ExecuteSQL calculation working that used GROUP BY. Here is a very simple example that I just tried. It wont work unless I take out the GROUP BY statement: ExecuteSQL (" SELECT * FROM citystatezip WHERE city='Wilmington' ORDER BY citystatezip_id GROUP BY zip ";",";¶) I've tried everything I can think of, indexing all the fields, rearranging the order by and group by statements, etc. Again, it works perfect as soon as I take out the 'GROUP BY zip' line
  9. Sorry to dig up an old topic but im trying to do something similar and not having any luck. I have scriptmaster (v.4.205) installed as a web publishing plugin on my server. I am running filemaker server 11.0v5 on osx 10.8.4. My php triggers a script which inserts a file (which resides on the filemaker server itself) into a container using GetFileAsContainer. I know the plugin is installed correctly because I was able to insert a gradient into the same container from php using the scriptmaster function GradientImage. When I try to insert the file, though, the container just displays "ERROR". In addition I was able to run the same script on a file at the same path on a client and it worked perfectly. The permissions on the file are also set correctly. Anybody besides andries done this successfully and have some advice?
  10. Edit: I just found what must be the cause of the problem. The emails that are being ignored have .EML attachments. I tried retrieving the emails without attachments, but that didnt help. It seems as if the presence of an EML format attachment is tripping up the plugin. I assume this is a bug unless I have missed something. Original: I am using the 360works email plugin to retrieve email via IMAP from a gmail inbox. I've noticed that every once in a while a message gets inexplicably skipped. The message subjects show up in the status dialog while retrieving mail, but my EmailGetNextMessage loop ends immediately as if no messages are available to download. I noticed that in the xml file (below) generated by the EmailReadMessages command, there is an error code 401. Is this causing the issue? You can see clearly that the resultset contains 3 records, but none of the actual ROW or COL data is there. Again, this only happens occasionally and there is nothing particularly strange about the unread emails when I view them in gmail. They have no labels, stars, tags, etc. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpxmlresult"><ERRORCODE>401</ERRORCODE><PRODUCT BUILD="04/09/2007" NAME="com.prosc.fm.FMPXMLExport2" VERSION="1.0"/><DATABASE DATEFORMAT="MM/dd/yyyy" LAYOUT="" NAME="" RECORDS="" TIMEFORMAT="HH:mm:ss"/><METADATA><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="from" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="to" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="cc" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="bcc" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="replyTo" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="subject" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="messageNumber" TYPE="NUMBER"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="sentDate" TYPE="TIMESTAMP"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="receivedDate" TYPE="TIMESTAMP"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="text" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="messageId" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="attachments" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="viewed" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="flagged" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="replied" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="deleted" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="message" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="uid" TYPE="TEXT"/><FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="html" TYPE="TEXT"/></METADATA><RESULTSET FOUND="3"/></FMPXMLRESULT>
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