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  1. Hello, I have created a database which has questions for trainees. Some of the questions have photos and videos. I have created number of container fields for the same. The database is currently sitting on a server that runs Filemaker server 12. I have filemaker 12 pro advanced on my computer. The problem that I am facing is how to make certain videos go to the server. The photos work fine in container field and they are embedded into the database. Previously when I used to insert quicktime or .mov files into the container field, the videos were staying on my computer and were not accessible from other computers. Since then after a lot of reading, I have now created the Container field to "Store Externally" in an "Open storage" format. The filepath looks like it is appropriate. There is only one file path and i cannot create a new file path as I do not have that privilege. And within the "Manage Containers" in thumbnails I have selected temporary storage. When I insert video into the container field by this method, the video still remains on my computer and does not transfer to the server and is not accessible through other computers. Within the inspector field, I have changed the data formatting to "Optimise for interactive content (pdf, mp3 etc)". However since then everytime i try to insert the quicktime video, the container field says "Loading" and I am unable to visualise the video from any computer (including my own computer). I dont know what mistake am I making, or if the problem is not the way I am doing it but the fact that the server is not allowing me to transfer videos because it does not provide me the privilege. But having said that I have designed the database myself and have the full privilege for the database itself. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sanjay
  2. Hello Thanks for the replies I must have not asked the question in the right manner. What I wanted to know is ... Eg - I have 20 entries for each year - of the Share market Index, what my unrealised profit is and what my realised profit is for each of those entries. I want to create a calculation so that the program automatically gives me during the year what was the percentage increase in the share market index, my unrealised profit and realised profit. Not necessarily in a report format but just so that it automatically sorts the records in year and then date format. For the year it takes into account the first and last entries and then calculates the percentage change in index, and profit for that year. I have manually calculated it for this year but wanted to know if it is possible to do it for future years. Thanks for your replies and help Sanjay
  3. Hello, I am tracking my equity profits vs Share market index and I want to calculate the percentage rise in a year in both the profits and the share market index. Usually I enter the realised, unrealised profits in my database at the end of the day (though not daily, fairly regularly) and I also enter the index value in the database. I want to use this data to calculate the percentage rise in my realised, unrealised profits and the index over the year in a report format so that I can have it every year. I am just lost for ideas to make filemaker select the first and last values for the year. Any help is much appreciated Thanks Sanjay
  4. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I will try them out. I have been using show all questions before the randomselection But I think I must try out other things because what i get is still in a similar order (as my question numbers) rather than random and even if i get random questions, I get the same random questions with every log in. Thank you
  5. I am currently creating a database which is used to create quiz questions. I would want to select 10 random questions from the database each time. Though these quiz sessions are unlikely to be very frequent, I would want this to function in a way that every time I open the database different questions need to be selected (I understand that 1 or 2 repetitions are inevitable) The problem that I am facing is that I unable to create random selections quiz questions Currently I am using a script as mentioned below Randomfield (number) in the database And have used the script Go to Layout Replace field contents(No dialog; table name::Randomfield; Random) Omit multiple records (no dialog; 10) show omitted records I would be grateful if someone can help me with this Thanks Sanjay
  6. I have been able to understand this and use this in my database Thanks
  7. I have been able to understand this and use this in my database Thanks
  8. Hello, I was going through some of the starter solutions offered by filemaker pro What interests me the most is the Home Budgets Starter solution. In the home budget form it has two portals One for income and other for expenses I am interested in knowing how does this starter solution add up a new portal row to enter a new entry as soon as you have finished entering the name of the expense or income in the first portal row. I am keen to use similar solution for my portal setup and would be interested in knowing this. Thank you
  9. Hello, I dont know if this question rightly belongs to Relationships or not. I have created a database with two tables which are related by a unique ID. In the first table I have certain specified information - such as Name of the person, DOB, Unique Number etc In the second table I have information of what items were performed, Date of Performance, Unique Number Each Person may have number of dates of performances and on each of those dates - number of items will be selected (from 1 - 20 items) At the moment the database is working well as for reports I am using the primary table as the baseline and extracting data from the item table by a Portal and it seems to do well. The question I had was related to data entry When I am inserting data - I have two forms One for the first table for the Name, etc one for the second table for the date of performance, items performed etc But when I am inserting data in the second form, I have to enter the Name, Unique ID all over again. Can I by some way set up those fields to gather information from the first table. Which means that as soon I enter the information in the first form and then press the button enter item details - it kind of assumes that the person that I am entering the item details is the same as that i have entered in the first form and I just have to fill the extra details such as the item details, date of items etc Any help would be great Thanks
  10. Hello, I am using quick find on two of my layouts. When i have used quick find (in a pop up window - which has a fixed set of search criteria) in one layout it sorts out records in all layouts (possibly because they are both linked to the same table) But when I try to search records in another layout, it seems to remember the first search and then searches for records within this first searched group of records. Because my second layout is a search layout, I want to use a script function whereby when I go to that layout it clears all previous searches and shows me all records and I can quick find the records based on the criteria I want I am trying to reduce the layouts having quick find and I have come down to two layouts now. I have to have quick find in both the layouts, I would not be able to let go of the function in any of the layouts. I would be very grateful if anyone can help on this script Thanks
  11. Thanks so much Steven I had figured it out myself with some trying and it seems to be working fine for now.
  12. Hello, I am a novice as far as Filemaker pro is concerned. I have created a database with a lot of questions for students to use. I am now trying to install the database on a computer so that the students can use them. However, I want some of the questions to be accessible to them and the rest of the questions that are locked away so that I can use them for teaching when I need them. To enable me to do the restriction, I have tried to create a field regarding availability of the question and said - available or unavailable to each of the question. So that I can sort which questions should be available to the students. Based on this field, I have then tried to create a start up script which tries to find the available questions. I have also created two accounts - one full privelege, other guest account with limited priveleges. It seems that I have made a fundamental mistake somewhere and it does not work. Could you please help me with this. and give me an example of a script i can use. Thank you
  13. Thanks for the advise. Get (RecordNumber) seems to give me the unique number. I am using list of records. In fact what I have is a Tab format review section. One tab is the question, second tab is the image associated with the question. Third tab is the answer to the question. At the top of this tab format -- comes the Question ( ) of Count ( ) ---- Specialty The count is appropriate count for that specialty but the question number is not. For example one specialty has a question number 30, 45, 50, 64, 99 and that specialty has only 5 questions Then the display comes as Question 30 of 5, 45 of 5, 50 of 5 Instead of 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5 .... so on May be the way I am doing it is not what the specialists in filemaker pro would do it as am pretty new to filemaker pro Thanks for the help.
  14. Hello everyone, I am new to filemaker pro but improving everyday. I had a question about counting. I have created a database about question and answers. There are hundreds of questions in the database. These questions belong to 10 different subjects. The user can select the subject that he wants to take the test from I have a count field which counts the total number of questions and when the user changes the subject it results in change in the count appropriately. That seems to be working fine. I have given every question a unique number say 1 - 100. But when the candidate changes the question; instead of the unique number I want it to display as Question 1 of count X. then question 2 of count X. I can generate the count X easily but how do i say that this is the 1st or the 2nd question in the subject. Hope to hear soon. It would be of great help Thanks
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