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  1. Hello Jaboda, Thanks for your reply. It is working fine now. I forgot that there was a GetAsCSS command in the calculation. I have removed it , and the html code is correctly interpreted. Best regards.
  2. Hello Jaboda, Thanks for this work. I've tried your database. I have received my email , but I have a trouble with the html Body. I have tried several formated html body but it's not working. The text is not converted into html... Could you send me a example of html body ? Thanks. Best regards.
  3. Hello, ExecuteSQL("select count(Distinct /"Date/" ) from Reports";"";"") should work... I agree with Wim, Date is a reserved word. , It's better to use dat to name this type of field.
  4. Thanks Fabrice ! Great technic without calculation in the sales table. I'm happy to discover this snapshot link manipulation. It will make fast sort on big foundset. Have a nice day !
  5. Hello Fabrice, I'm back after some corrections. Color line trouble is solved. Date Range Filter is activated. I think that it might ok... Just waiting for few suggestions if needed ? Best regards. DynamicSortChallenge v2 FB.fp7.zip
  6. Hello Fabrice, I'am french but I do appreciate Belgian chocolate. So , I've tried to find a rapid solution for this dynamic sorting. I have to solve the remaining problem with my empty color lines, but now it 's to late in the evening. Otherwise, I wanted to post my file. This is my first approach. It's so fun to participate to this sweet challenge. Best regards DynamicSortChallenge FB.fp7.zip
  7. WOUAH !!!! GREAT :yep: Thanks a lot ! In my solution, nothing was returned with SMGetLoadedJars. Next, I was looking in ScriptMaster solution. Mail and Activation.jar are ticked. I thought that this problem could be with these two librairies, as said on the top most Jar Librairies panel of this solution. But I had no idea on how to solve the problem. You found the Answer . THANKS
  8. Hello, It seems that I have the same problem than emosensei. My function's code is unmodified. I just copy the code in ScriptMaster (copy to clipboard in the Register Panel) and then copy this code in SetVariable in my StartupScript of my solution. I will post tonight the result of SMGetLoadedJars (I'm not now with my own computer)...
  9. Hello, I'am using Scripmaster 4_131 with FM10A and FM11 on Mac (10.6.8 and 10.5.8) and on windows XP. I have also tried with Scripmaster 4_132 I have no problem for registering CreateFolder, with the variable declaration in my startup script. But, when I try to register Send Email With Authentication on startup, with a variable declaration (copy to clipboard method), this function is not registered. The report with SMLastError is: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: Script1.groovy: 10: unable to resolve class MimeMessa
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