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  1. Hi, In the inspector you mention hide when Not EstVide ( Global Fields::Number_g ) but the field in concern is "Field1" I think there is no need of scrip triggers Have a good day Gérard
  2. Hi, Is this useful for U ? https://community.claris.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006o6my7SAA/how-to-calculate-a-percentage-of-two-summary-fields For milk, bread ans so on...don't come in Paris France we have the same situation 😉 Good luck Gerard
  3. Hi, Menus (list) are not activated but "list" in inspector is fair Good luck G
  4. Hello, The first pdf explains that in the « IN » order, with dynamic parameters, each item must be enumerated separately. In our case, as Kevin Franck state in 2012 in The Missing FM 12 ExecuteSQL Reference « If the list is TEXT, then the values, must be enclosed with single quotes (‘abc’,’def’,’ghi’,’jkl’). These values will be automatically be quoted as needed, if you nest another SELECT inside. » Before our exchanges I have tried in one of my database: Definir variable $$liste ; valeur : Definir ( [sql = Substituer ( ExecuterSQL ( "SELECT SERVICE FROM SERV_POLE WHERE POLE = ? " ; "" ;""; "SARMU" ); "¶" ; "','")] ; "'"&sql&"'") and I got : 'ANESTHESIE','MORTUAIRE','PRELEVEMENT D ORGANE','REANIMATION','SAMU','UCMJ','URGENCES' With ($$liste pasted ) : ExecuterSQL ( "SELECT AVG(AGE) FROM IDENTITES WHERE SERVICE IN ('ANESTHESIE','MORTUAIRE','PRELEVEMENT D ORGANE','REANIMATION','SAMU','UCMJ','URGENCES')" ; "" ; "" ) And ExecuterSQL ( "SELECT AVG(AGE) FROM IDENTITES WHERE SERVICE IN (SELECT SERVICE FROM SERV_POLE WHERE POLE = ?)" ; "" ; ""; "SARMU") I had the same result : 41.907258064516129, but the second way to do is easiest and elegant Sorry, I don’t speak (and write) english fluently but I hope this helps you. Gérard
  5. Hi, Try ORDER BY 2 DESC..... (ref to second column) Good luck G
  6. Hi, Try use "workflow._IDDocLog" (only one dot for all names of fields) and not workflow::_IDDocLog. Yes underscores may be a problem at the begining of names Have a good day G
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