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  1. System Requirements for FileMaker Server 14

    Thanks, so you think that the i must increase the bugdet How much ram will be neccesary? And SSD or SAS RAID?
  2. I am plannig buy a filemaker server 14, to update from our filemaker server 11, but i need change my server too Now i have an ancient ibm x226 Xeon 3,4Gh, with 4 gb ram, and a raid-5 SCSI, now it is going a bit slow, but it does its job Now i have filemaker server 11, with 10 filemaker users, ,but i am thinking about change some ot this filemaler clients to filemaker web direct clients The filemaker files that I have are very big, they have between 30 mb the fewer ones , and 400 mb the greater ones. And with filemaker server 14 planned connect filemaker server via odbc to a sql server express database. So, what may be the hardware that i need? is it better use and ssd raid or a scsi raid? will it be enough with a Xeon® E3-1200 v3,? how much ram it will be necessary? The bugdet for hardware is limited to 1500-2000 € , and it should include the microsoft server license.
  3. Disable automatic sort in FileMaker v10

    Link doesn´t work Can you send me the a new link o a samplt to know how to do the workaround to solve the problem?

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