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  1. Hi all, Sorry for this question, i have a table where it has Product Code, Lot number, Qty all i want to do is sum the quantity by Product code product codes can have different lot number but i just want to the sum of each product code, many thanks
  2. Hi, Please could someone help me out, i want to be able to hide a button until my percentage summary field reaches 80%, is theree a script which i could use to hide the button when i open the form but when my summary field reaches 80% it shows, im thinking i could do an if statement but would much perfer just to hide the button (Reason i want the not to be able to move on to the next layout untill the have got 80% correct) Many thanks
  3. I found a work around, its not pretty but it achieves what i need and thought id post it just in case any one else is looking at this problem i created another field called ProductJoin and created a script and placed it in the on exit trigger where i scan, so once i scanned my barcode it copies the calculation field [Product] and pastes it in the [ProductJoin] field, not pretty i know but i can create a relationship on it,
  4. Hi, Can someone help me out if they know a way around creating a relationship on an unstored field, problem is i am scanning barcodes onto a table i have 2 types for barcode GS1 and HBIC, gs1 is cross referenced against another table which matched the number scanned and returns the product code, the hbic is extracted by a calculation i have a filed with an if statement which joins both the gs1 and hbic as i need a one field which contains the product code so i can create a relationship but its unstored and i cannot click on storage because it references a related field? (thats the err
  5. Hi, Please could someone help me out, i have a container field which contains a quicktime file (Mp3), when i open and close the database the file stays there when i email it to my ipad to work on filmaker go the container field says file missing, is there a setting i need to change or anything many thanks
  6. I pray to the church of comment, many thanks once again, and thank you for the examples they really are helping me out cheers
  7. how would i go about specifing the date or creating a text string sorry for the newbie question, feel like im back at the begining again with databases
  8. Hi, getting really into my new filemaker database, but hitting a few blocks on the way, i would like to convert numbers into dates, in access i used Dateserial to convert it, for example is there a function to change '2102' to read 'February 2021' so in may database i get yymm as numbers but need to change them into a date any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks
  9. Ha Ha i was just trying it out and noticed my mistake , your let solution works perfectly many thanks i changed the Left to right, the lot number field will always change lenghts so thats the need for the string once again many thanks for your advise and taking the time to help me out
  10. Hi Thanks for your reply the goal is to trim the text by the length of the string , so if LotNumber is 12345678912345678 (17 charaters) then cut off the first 8 charaters so it would read 912345678 is this the best way to achieve it many thanks
  11. Hi all, wondering if anyone could help me out, i have moved from access to filemaker, i can do a bit of vba in access and excel but new to filemaker scripts can someone help me out i want to shorten the text depending on the length can someone help convert the below into filemaker language IIF[LotLengh]=17,Left([LotNumber],Len([LotNumber])-9),IIF[LotLengh]=18,Left([LotNumber],Len([LotNumber])-11) how would you write this in filemaker specify calculation, many thanks
  12. Hi everyone, after some advice, i have created a database whic collects barcode info, there is a script to validate the entry before moving to the next field, if its incorrect i have used the bleep function followed by a pop up message, the thing is the bleep is so quite on the iPad you can never hear it, (Volume on max) is there a way to make it play a better warning sound in it doenst pass the validation my script is IF(Left ( Consignment Scanning::Product Code ; 2 ) = "+H" or Left ( Consignment Scanning::Product Code ; 2 ) = "+M" or Left ( Consignment Scanning::Product Code
  13. You can also use the Go To Field script as well to reselect the field, The problem you might find is your scanner is prefixed with the enter key you need to change it to tab I use a scanfob 2002 You can change it on all scanners
  14. mate all i can save is "WOW" you have really helped my out big time i cannot thank you enough for this i have looked at me screen now for about 24 hrs at the same script !!!!! once again many thanks and thanks for your patience and understanding :yep: :yep: :laugh2:
  15. Hi Fitch, thanks for your reply, is the to be placed in the validation by calculation, as i need it to check on exit of the field and not at when a new record is been created, i tried to put it in the onobjectvalidate but it doesn't have the Let function Also sorry never used LET my field Product do that relate you entry or barcode in your formula I managed to pull out the vba which i used in access, could anyone help me recrate this in script If Left([barcode], 2) = "+H" Or Left([barcode], 2) = "+M" Then Exit Sub Beep Cancel = True Me.Barcode.Undo End Sub
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