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  1. Hello everyone. Whats the best way to completely "lock" a post from being modified? I have understood you could set a script trigger to every field that wont let you write in it, but is there any easier way do to it? Appreciate answers.
  2. I`ve got 3 tables, salesmen, orders and workingdays. I want to make a report where the salesmen can see how much they`ve sold and how many hours they work sorted per month for example, but the problem is that how much they have sold is in one table and they`re working hours is in another table.
  3. Hello everyone, Im trying to make a report with 2 summary fields, the problem is that they are from 2 different tables, is this possible somehow? I really appreciate answers.
  4. I`ve got 1 table, houses. One house can be related to many documents ( pdfs. ). But I also want to be able to store normal documents that arent related to anything, just so its there, so I know I have it somewhere. This is 1 table right?
  5. Hello, I`ve got a table with pdfs(containers), some of these are related to another table but som arent, should I have all pdf.s in the same table or should I separate them so I have related pdf.s in 1 table and unrelated in another table? Really appreciate your help.
  6. Thanks for answers, but the forum was way over my head.. Brooks where can I find the recorded webinar?
  7. Hello, is it possible to show many posts on a google map at the same time? on a live map, if thats the case.. please help me or direct me to a forum which explains it:) Appreciate answers.
  8. bcooney, dont really see what u mean, can u do a "mini" file and show how ur thinking there? I would really appreciate it.
  9. If I show the portal lineitems then It shows the same products multiple times, doesnt it? I want it instead to show the products once and a field that shows how many of this products has been ordered.
  10. Hey, I have 4 tables, Contacts, Products, Lineitem, Orders. I have a relationship that looks like this "contacts-order-lineitem-products".. so I can see the products ordered by the contacts. But I also want to see How many of the products they have ordered. Like a summary that shows how many of the products they have bought, So when I open a customer post I want to see what product they order the most. And then sort the portal by that field, So the first post in the portal shows what they have bought the most. I would really appreciate help!
  11. Hello, In my ios solution I open windows to make my scripts go easier because then I can just shut a window down, but is it possible somehow to close all windows down EXCEPT the first one? So if u have 4 windows open and u push "home" button it shuts down 3 windows. and I have 1 left.
  12. Hello, what would a calculation look like which takes all values after a dot? so for example it says .jpg in a field, it takes "jpg" and if it says .avi it takes "avi" Im using this for exporting a variable, can anyone help me please?
  13. The field description is not always work hours, just one post is called work hours. when I create new post in the cost table I want to write other things in both fields. So simply put.. ( I`ll try atleast ) When I create an order I want it to automatically create a post in the cost table and set the description field to workhours, and the field hours should take its value from a field in the order table which updates all the time. And while this is going on I want to be able to create more posts and write what I want in both description and hours field. So 1 post kind of updates as a fiel
  14. Hello, I have 2 tables Orders and Costs. in the cost table I have 2 fields "description" and "hours" Now 1 order can have many costs ( one to many relationship ). When I create a post in the table order I want it to automatically create a post in costs and set the field "description" to the textstring "workhours" and I want the hours field to automatically update from a field in the order table, so when the field in the order table changes, then the field "hours" should change to. Now the trick is I also want to be able to create more posts in the costs table and write what I want in t
  15. Hi! I wasnt sure where to put this but I hope it will do alright here. I am using the plugin reactor fusion so customers can make bookings, and its working so far.. its just 1 thing that needs to be fixed so they can start using it. when they CREATE a booking the web viewer should automatically be updated. I assume I should use the parameter actiononcreate? but since I dont have any experience with java or something I cant fix that myself. Can anyone help me please? Really appreciate answers.
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