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  1. Hi, I have small issue. I have created to 2 tables. Payments and PaymentLine. Payment is parent and PaymentLine is child. Payment has 2 fields. ID and Date where as PaymentLine has fields amount category note and check no. I want to create a list of all Payments Records they occurred in one month and total amount. I created a Summary Field in PaymentLine table and made it total of Amounts. But i perform search using a Perform Find. I don't get the total of the month. Instead i get total of all the records. What i am missing? 08-Apr-2014.zip
  2. that was very impressive. I have few questions. 1) How will the report work for new year? For Example: If i have product A sold 15 on May 2013 and same product sold 35 on May 2014? will it show 50 in May column? 2) If i have 1000 products will it show all of them?
  3. That is nice, can you send me sample file of it? I want to learn how you made it.
  4. Yeah i already did that. It sort out every record by month and add the QTy too. But. If i want the record of current month or last month only! Then how can i filter it?
  5. Hi, I am getting an issue regarding Calculating the Total of Each individual Item per month. I have created 2 tables in FileMaker. A Item table which will have ID and Date. Another table LineItems. which will be related to Item with via Items ID as FK in LineItems. http://imgur.com/vdbmhEA I wanted to create a List of items per month based. and there Total QTy per month. Something like that. http://imgur.com/qUWXF8v Of course its showing all the Items sum. I want it to have sum on each individual item i have that month. For Example: Marks are are repeated 2 times in second ima
  6. Yes you are right it is meant to run monthly. With each months Adjustments for each employees salary depending on his performance. Your idea on using Drop down Calender will do the trick. Can you tell me how can i implement this?
  7. In that case i guess i have to insert year and Month then. But i want it to be very simple. So user doesn't have to enter date ranges for each new month. Maybe there should a drop list with Current years months list only and user can select from them.
  8. I have to manually add Dates into Global Fields. Is there way i can just Insert month.
  9. That is Exactly what i have been trying to archive. Can you explaine what i was doing wrong in my file? and how to correct it.
  10. there is issue with it i think. There employee Ahmed Mumtaz has adjustments record of deduction for February. Hence it should not be calculated in March's Salary. It should on me shown for March.
  11. yes exactly but there are few adjustments i cannot reach. Like, if i have not Adjustments of specific employee then its original salary should be calculated. In a table form where i can sort the employees based on there status and Category. And Current months Salary. When i do that. It doesn't include those records where employees don't have any adjustments.
  12. Sorry, I will post it know. What if i try to make a report based on Employees Table? 08-Mar-2014.zip
  13. Yes. its based on Adjustment table. Yes, the report is summarized by many factor. First is Employee status then Adjustment is sorted to current month so it only the current months record is calculated in to the salary. I have uploaded the file in dropbox. So, you look at it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2x7m83dqtt7yvp/08-Mar-2014.fmp12
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