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  1. Is this more of a relationship problem than a script problem? The above script works fine to send, it just doesn't bring over the email subject or body. Help!
  2. I figured out I can send "multiple emails" based on Found Set. Sorta of right in front of me. So this will help me better explain what I'm looking for here. I will go to the customer table (layout) that has the email addresses. I'll perform a find, based on whatever criteria I have for that email. Then, I will go to the table which will hold the emails. I'll write a email (subject and body) and what I want to do is go BACK to that customer table (layout) and send that email I just wrote to that found set. With the found set ability in the Send Mail script step, I don't have to worry ab
  3. Anyone have any thoughts? I need to define a variable that is taking the list of email addresses in the found set, and then send a email that I write, to each of them.
  4. Okay. I think I need help writing the variable. Can anyone give some advice or point me towards something that could help me with that?
  5. We are wanting to send emails to a group of emails based on a search. For example, we want to run a search (custom each time) based on a particular criteria in our Customer table, then send a email to each of those Customers within that search. We have a Email table, which will keep track of the emails. So in my head, it would be something like this (after we performed the search): Allow User Abort (Off) Go to Layout (Customers) Loop Send Mail: Subject Email Table::Subject Message: "& Email Table::Body &" Go to next Record End Loop But I feel like I'm missing som
  6. I have a sales report I created, and we have two summary fields that counts how many sales and adds the dollar amounts of each sale. I need to be able to create two separate versions of these summary fields, filtered by customer type (new and remodel). I thought about using a portal filter, but I can filter the same table that layout is associated with. Instead of leaving these as Summary fields, I thought that I could create them as calculation fields. But I don't know what calculation I could use, and where I should start. Any thoughts?
  7. Brilliant guys, the let worked. I had thought about a Let statement, but didn't try it. Thanks, this works great. Appreciate the help!
  8. I am creating a dynamic Sales Report Generator. This will allow someone to come to the layout and select whether they wish to view 1st Quarter or just January Sales. I want it to default to the current year, unless it is in the quarter(s) or month(s) prior, then it will default to the prior year. My problem is when searching via a date field, you cannot do this: "01/01/year(Get(CurrentDate))...01/31/year(Get(CurrentDate))" nor "01/01/year(Get(CurrentDate))-1...03/31/year(Get(CurrentDate))-1" Is this possible? How I am accomplishing this is creating a script that looks at a fi
  9. It IS what I want, but it is NOT showing that. It's currently showing nothing, which is incorrect because I can go to that table and look up the information it should be showing and find it.
  10. That purpose hasn't changed. I can look in the records and see appointments on Jan 1 and Jan 2 of last year. I realized I posted the Lead text here, but this is the text I'm having issues with on the same table, but just different field: Let ( [ today = Get ( CurrentDate ) ; y = Year ( today ) - 1 ] ; Date ( 1 ; 1 ; y ) ≤ Pool Leads 5::Appointment Date and Pool Leads 5::Appointment Date ≤ Date ( Month ( today ) ; Day ( today ) ; y ) )
  11. Let ( [ today = Get ( CurrentDate ) ; y = Year ( today ) - 1 ] ; Date ( 1 ; 1 ; y ) ≤ Pool Leads 5::Lead Date and Pool Leads 5::Lead Date ≤ Date ( Month ( today ) ; Day ( today ) ; y ) ) and Pool Leads 5::Lead Type = "New Pool Lead" This is what I ended up using, and now that we've begun the new year, it can't seem to look back at the previous january. Should I use a Case() statement? I attempted to do that (If it's January...etc.) and that seemed to not work because there was to many perimeters. What am I missing/doing wrong?
  12. Would I put that for the field itself or with the filter for the portal?
  13. I have created a page that reports data on our sales people. The area of the page I'm working on currently, has to do with leads and appointments from the current year and previous year. I have both of these areas working, but I want the previous year to also report up to today. For example: Jan-Dec 2012 Leads Appts 400 80 Jan-Dec 2011 300 65 But if today is December 10th, I want it to read last years up til today. Jan-December 2012 Leads Appts 400 80 Jan-De
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