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  1. OK, here is the deal. I think I have figured out some of the issues... When a new version of scriptmaster comes out, it seems you must cut and paste all your functions into the new version FileMaker file. You have to MAKE SURE you put the parameters in the correct order (although you can avoid that by using a let function). After this, you have to insect and make sure that even if the function is named the same, that the scripts recognized it. I don't know the logic as to why some are recognized and others not although the name is the same (cut/paste). It appears that version 5.05 fixes the issue where server side scripts were hanging. We added a timeout to our application for good measure.
  2. I am not certain what is going on but it would seem that FileMaker Server 16 has had multiple issues. I thought 5.04 would fix some issues but it never seemed to work. Version 5.05 works for FMP 16 and FMPA 16 but on FielMaker Server all functions return "?" to the log file for the script. I had thought I had a version working on server but it was completely hanging up when run as a scheduled script. I believe this was recognized as it was cited as the reason for version 5.05. This is a big issue, I think new versions of the plug-in and plug ins generated need to be tested on Windows Server.
  3. I have a Java developer that frequently helps me with ScriptMaster functions. He has few quick questions: 1) Does ScriptMaster support callback method? 2) If a different script can access the Java instance that was instantiated by another script? Thank you in advance!
  4. I had been knocking my head into a wall a few days, unable to diagnose because of an unrelated server issue that wiped out my 16 environment (Rackspace is NOT what they used to be). As it looks to me, I get EXACTLY the same issue shown above with version 16. I have been trying to compile the plugin on version 15 and it's not buying it. I am on Server 2012 R2, and also tried on windows 2016 DataCenter (See Screen Shot). Windows Server 2012 R2 really does not like these latest versions. The script engine completely crashes on loading the plug in after about 5 minutes. I am guessing some QA person loaded it, saw all was well and did not realize it would die in a few minutes. I would not get worried, they have quite a few products and typically they keep them bullet-proof. The only catch to them is the Java dependency can be troublesome. However, as I understand, they have removed this requirement and perhaps somehow bundled it in.
  5. I have several customers that are still running Wondows Version 9, which is a version out of date. On attempting to load a 64 bit, ScriptMaster generated Plug-In, I am seeing a dialog that ScriptMaster can't run without Java 64 bit. On installing Java, there is no change and the same issue persists. This goes as far as literally crashing FileMaker. Has anyone experienced this? Although it's really a Java issue, and the OS is out of date, I have two important customers running Windows 9.

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