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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not quite sure how to express myself on this one, but I'll give it a try. I have a list of trusts (it could be companies too) that have people. Some people are involved in more than one trust. I want to print a list of all the people, sorted by the trust using a layout. I wrote a script to do this and it finds all the records, but only prints the information about a person once. So the next trust that the person appears in omits their name. How can I get the information to appear again under the second or third trust? I attach the database and the script is "See All ID Held" and the layout is "Report of All ID Held by Client". The button on the Home Screen is "Print a Report of All ID Held". Many thanks, Skiffy
  2. Thank you so much! I do appreciate the guidance and assistance. Skiffy
  3. My apologies. An updated zip file is attached. The layout in question is AML Report and the script is Report of Expired AML Docs. Skiffy New HR.fmp12.zip
  4. Thank you again. The find is now working correctly. Now my layout does not work and I don't see how to eliminate the display of the other types of documents. So while the find correctly finds the records where there are expired ID and only for active employees, the layout is still showing the other types of ID such as utility bills etc. I've tried lists, I've tried portals, but I'm not getting what I need. I know I'm missing something obvious, but I can't see it. Many thanks, Skiffy
  5. Thank you Doughemi, all works except the OR for Passports or Drivers License. I have tried Set Field [Documents::Type of doc[]; "Passport" or "Drivers License"] but that doesn't work. I now understand that to use the Set Field command, I need to first click on the Specify Target Field button to insert the field, and then on the Calculated Result button to insert the text I am looking for. Now I just need the syntax for the OR.... Skiffy
  6. I hope one of the many knowledgeable people on this group of forums will be able to assist. I have a database for our HR department. Within the database we retain proof of identification of employees for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and I need to create a report that shows when identification has expired. I'm trying to create a script that will search for a) active employees either passports or drivers licenses (as the type of document) and c) expiry date < today. My problem is which command or function to use to carry out the find requests and the correct syntax for the request. The layout I've developed for the find is Find Layout for AML and the layout for the report is AML Information. The script is Report of Expired AML Docs. Please see the attached zipfile of the database. Many thanks for your patience and assistance. SkiffyNew HR.fmp12.zip
  7. I work for a law firm and we hold Wills, Powers of Attorney etc for our clients. I am creating a database to record what we hold that will allow our staff to create a receipt for clients to sign when they need to take the documents away from our office. Some clients have several documents, but only wish to take away one or more of them. I need the user to be able to select the documents based on the Testator's name and then print the receipt for the selection. Additionally, in my layout to view the documents held, the pdfs are viewing in landscape, when I need them to be viewed as portrait. The pdfs are always legal sized paper (8.5 x 14). I attach a copy of the database so far. Account: Admin Password [blank]. Search on my name. Many thanks for your assistance. Skiffy New Wills.fmp12.zip
  8. Hi LaRetta and others. Thanks for the first calculation for Length of Service. That is working fine. However, the other is still not working. The fields are still calculating both the archived and the non-archived leave, even in the revised database you sent. See the Vacation for Jane. She has 4 days of archived leave and 4 days of leave for this year. On the HR Info layout, I only want to see the sum of the leave she has taken for this year (the non-archived leave). Many thanks, Karen
  9. Hi everyone, I'm updating a database (originally created in FMP5)New HR.fmp12.zip for our HR Manager and not having a lot of success with a couple of calculations. In the attached file (Username = Manager, password = pass), the main layout is "Employee Info". The calculation for Years with firm is presently "If(Work Status ="Active";(Today-Date of Hire)/365;0". This gives a rough length of employment but isn't accurate due to leap years. Nor does it provide a calculation for Inactive employees. I would like to give the result as 4 years 3 months - days aren't necessary. For Active employees the calculation should be today - Date of Hire, and for Inactive employees it should be Date of Termination - Date of Hire. The second calculation is for the various types of Leave: Sick, Vacation, Leave Without Pay and Other. I have set it up that the previous years' vacation etc is set up to archive manually once a year (around NewYear). The Archive field is set to "No" upon record creation. So the calculation for reporting should be based on Archive = "No". The two fields that need the calculation are Remaining Vacation and Vacation Days Used. This is what I have tried for Vacation Days Used, but it is still totalling both archived and unarchived records: If(Vacation::Archive="No";Sum ( Vacation::Vacation Length );0). Many thanks for your assistance. Skiffy
  10. Thanks again Lazarus. Our IT manager is out until next Monday and he seems to have applied some passwording that I cannot change. I'm going to have a thorough look at what you've sent and try to bend my head around it to see if it will meet our needs. Should do! You are very kind to offer assistance. I need to learn this programme but not sure where I can go for some training. Nothing offered here in Bermuda of course!
  11. Thanks Lazarus, this is a help. But here is another upload of what I've done (hopefully without the security this time!) in case you or anyone else has some ideas.KYC Clone.fmp12.zip Skiffy
  12. I'm attempting to create a database to store id documents for people in a multi-departmental firm for anti-money laundering purposes. People can belong to more than one client files. Client files can have more than one person. People can have more than one piece of id. As I see it, I have a one to many relationship between people and id and a many to many relationship between people and client files. So I have created a join table to handle that. I may not have the relationship mapped out correctly though. Or perhaps it's the field settings. Additionally, I don't understand how to create a layout that will allow the user to make the connection between the person and the client file. I have zipped the empty database along with my rudimentary attempts at some layouts. The searching seems to work well enough, as does some aspect of the layout which has portals to existing data, but I don't know how to enable the user to add new data. I would certainly appreciate any assistance. Many thanks, Skiffy KYC Copy.fmp12.zip
  13. Thank you so much! Worked perfectly.
  14. First, I apologise for being a newbie. I have quite a bit of experience with another database programme, but not much with FileMaker. I have a database with 3 tables. Each table has a layout by default and I have created another layout that has two tabs with portals. So far so good. I don't seem to be able to switch between the various layouts with ease; I have to choose Edit Layout, select the one I want, and then exit the Edit mode in order to move between them. The dropbox under Layout at the top of the screen only lists the layout I am currently in. How do I get my other layouts to display there? Many thanks, Skiffy
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