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  1. When one user modifies a field and commits the record, other users that have that field/record in the current found set have their browsers suddenly and completely refreshed/redrawn. This uniquely bothers the WD users since the entire browser window is redrawn. The concurrent FMP users just receive the data update with minimal interference. Any thoughts on how to avoid this are appreciated thanks
  2. Comment, The main reason that a relational model utilizing portals wasn't implemented here was because I inherited this db from a previous developer. The backbone of the system is the resources' statuses so I've been avoiding the prospect of rebuilding the whole thing (many layouts, scripts, calculated fields, etc). Regarding Extend(), where do you suggest? I have two repeating calculated fields: a) Activity_Resource Names[] = GetValue( Extend(Activity_Resources) ; Get( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ) CurrentStatuses[] = GetField("ResourceStatus_" & Activity_Resource Names[Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber)]) I'm assuming that you're referring to the CurrentStatuses lack of Extend(). I understood that Extend() is only for use when defining a repeating field based on the calculation of a non-repeating field. In this case here, CurrentStatuses[] is calculated based on a repeating field-- so Extend() shouldn't be needed, correct? thanks
  3. In order to build a very dynamic layout I have the following scenario: Users can select multiple "Resources" from a checkbox set and then the associated text label and icon will appear elsewhere on the layout for each selected resource. Also, each resource has a status associated with it (e.g., new, updated, cancelled); the aforementioned icon for each resource will be determined by that resource's current status. It works as follows: 1) User selects 0...n "resources" from a checkbox set (i.e., Resource1, Resource2, ...). This is stored in the field "Activity_Resources" 2) Each resource has a field for storing its current status, e.g., ResourceStatus_Resource1, ResourceStatus_Resource2 (note that they are all named with this convention" "ResourceStatus_" & Resource#) 3) A repeating calculated field (which is "recalculate as needed") is defined as: GetValue( Extend(Activity_Resources) ; Get( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ). This repeating field is called "Activity_Resource Names" and basically is just a handy trick for converting a list of items in to a repeating field. 4) There is a custom function StatusIcon(Status) which returns the correct image file of the icon associated with the given Status. So far, so good: My repeating field "Activity_Resource Names" dynamically displays the resources when the user selects (or de-selects) from the checkbox. To display the proper icon, there's a second repeating calculation field (which is "recalculate as needed"): CurrentStatuses = GetField("ResourceStatus_" & Activity_Resource Names[Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber)]) CurrentStatuses should be a repeating field containing the status for each of the resources. The purpose of this repeating field is merely to use as the parameter for the custom function: StatusIcon(CurrentStatuses[n]) My problem is that the repeating field CurrentStatuses doesn't get calculated properly via the "GetField" function--- only CurrentStatuses[1] works... Any other repeat after the first value is empty. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. thanks
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