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  1. hi, i want to make my list resize depending on its content, at the moment it stays the same, whis means that when i print it it will have a lot of blank space, is it possible, there is a pic attached that is just to give you an idea. Thanks in advance for all of the help, Jafacakes2011. Edit: I am wanting to auto resize the body and it to differ for each record.
  2. hello I have this strange problem, I am using FMS12 trial and i was able to connect to it but now I've came back two days later and it has stopped working, I am able to start it up, then it says everything is functioning but when try to connect with my iPad there is no files available... Is there something i can do to fix this??? thanks in advance for all of the help, jafacakes2011.
  3. Thanks anyways, If you know anyone that can help please ask them, it would be most appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I am getting this error with my MirrorSync database: Error from server: 802: "Unable to open file" - Check to make sure that the database file is hosted on FileMaker Server, and that the 'fmxml' extended privilege is enabled for your privilege set. (JDBC URL: jdbc:fmp360://localhost/mirrorsyncess, SSL: false / SQL statement: SELECT * FROM "dbo.Contracts" WHERE -script=MirrorSync AND -script.param=startSync) I am connecting to a server not on local host but for some reason it says "fmp360://localhost/mirrorsyncess" I don't know if this is relevant but if so then good, I do hav
  5. Ok thanks for all of the help so far, I am up to the steps after configuration, but i cant do step 2 on file maker pro, i need Filemaker advanced to do this, i dont want to pay for Filemaker pro adv at the moment because im just using it to evaluate whether or not its worth investing in, is there a way to do it without Filemaker pro adv or is there a way to get Filemaker pro adv trial, if i get the trial through the fm website it just takes me to the Filemaker pro trial, thanks in advance for all of the help.
  6. Thanks for the help so far but it seems as i fix one thing another error appears, i have sent you a message with a quick question.
  7. thanks for the help but im still getting that problem, I cant continue without fixing it, how can i fix it to continue?
  8. Hi, ive made a database using ODBC, i have it uploaded to my Filemaker server (Hosted on a windows 2008 server) what are the "few extra steps after configuration" that i have to do to get it to work, or do i not use ODBC? Thanks in advance, Jafacakes2011. EDIT: i also get this error during config. that is preventing me from using my external database. (the external table is called Availability and the primary key is MIRRORSYNCID) how do i fix this?
  9. Hi, I am having a problem when I export to excel, I have a field which in Filemaker has sort of a list but not, it looks like this. Gary Mathew Sam Bill that is all in the same record in one field, but when i save to Excel it looks like this... GaryMathewSamBill How can i stop this as i really need it to save with the returns. Thanks for all of the help in advance. jafacakes2011.
  10. Can someone start a scribe tutorial for beginners, I am starting out with scribe and there is nowhere on the internet that has a video tutorial or even a step by step guide on how to use scribe. It doesn't have to be long or descriptive, all it really needs to do is explain how to use scribe when starting a new database, and how to use the basic functions. If someone is kind enough to do something like this or maybe someone has and I have not seen it then can you please post the link to your findings/work so we all can find what we need easily. Thanks in advance for all of your
  11. it was because i had two perform finds in the find and i thought that you had to select one of the finds i didnt read the bit at the top which says that the finds will be done in the order from top to bottom, thanks for all your help, i really appreciated it and i am sorry for waisting your time.
  12. I have fixxed it but have no idea what i did wron, i think it was beacause i have scripts starting more scripts which started more scripts so i just pu it all ino one script and it worked.
  13. Sorry, it seems that that file works, i think there must be a bit of confusion in my other file, i will have a look and if i fix it i will tell you what my error was
  14. Here is the zipped file The number it is searching for is 10 Bank only.zip
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