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  1. We are looking for a filemaker iwp solution or example file that import files to a container field using a web browser. Supercontainer seems to work but it never does. No problem installing the plugin in FMServer. the problem is functions never work well on the web or we don't get there easly. This is very important to us. Thanks, Jose
  2. Hello, I have installed supercontainer and it works well but when I try to upload a file I get this error "the specified action was denied by the server" in both, Filemaker Pro and IWP. My web container url is "http://localhost:80/SuperContainer/Files". Thanks. Jorge Marques
  3. I call the function SCLastError and he returns this message "SuperContainer server returned an error code of 500". Regrads
  4. We are trying a demo of SuperContainer and this function results on a error. This function is intended for use with exporting the contents of a SuperContainer file to a container field in Filemaker.This is the main reason for us to buy a SuperContainer license and it doesn't work in the demo, reports error 500. Can You help? Regards Jorge Marques
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