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  1. I'm running the latest version of Java (7 51) and I still can't access the console page
  2. Hello folks! I have an old installation at a client of mine's. The server is working but the console jar is not on the machine anymore and localhost:16000 is not working. I guess some upgrade was done to the server and something is not working with IIS7 I DO have access to the fmsadmin via terminal. Can someone send me a jar for 10 so I can edit it and access the console? or else, is it possible to change the path where the databases are located via fmsadmin? All I really need to do is that. Thanks! Diego DAlessio
  3. Same /$&$"! error every night. "some files or folders could not be deleted" I bet I'll have to make a terminal script to do a rm -r Server/Data/Backups/*.* script Frustrating. I'm not happy with Server12.
  4. I guess you would have to loop through all the records and check if there is a repeated e-mail address, and then handle that situation. Or you could create a self related table (by e-mail address) and count the number of times an e-mail is repeated. In any case, if the number is >1 ; then you could do whatever you want to... It could also be done with the new ExecuteSQL() function but I believe it will be a little bit more complicated... IMHO you're gonna need to add more lines to your script :/ Please tell me if you need further help.
  5. Usually you would use GetFieldName ( demo::fieldName ) What do you want it for?
  6. I would write a Let function: Let([ monthNumber= Get the characters 4 to 6 , substite the month name for the number dayNumber = Get the characters 8 to 9 yearNumber = Get the characters 11 to 14 ] GetAsDate(monthNumber&"/"&dayNumber&"/"&yearNumber) )
  7. Hi folks! Weirdest problem ever! I've created a solution in 12. It prints OK on the Mac, but on the PCs (tried on 3 different), when I do a simple print (from the Print Menu) I get an "Unknown Error". If I create a new solution, it prints OK. I've attached the file (User Admin ; Pass (none)) Thanks! Workspace_Test.fmp12.zip
  8. Does it work? I would find the position of the day (Mon Tue etc, and then find the position of the $) In that way you could parse your information into 3 fields (Date, Provider, Amount) If you need I can write you a custom function to do it. follow me on twitter! @fmfunnyguy
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