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  1. Position Title: Part-Time Contractor With Full-Time Employment Possible Description of Duties: Looking for a 20 hour per week FileMaker developer in the Seattle area. This is an entry-level position, but you really should be familiar with FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Go 12. Location: Seattle, WA Deadline: Position needs to be filled no later than June. Position: Part Time / Consultants can apply. Employment: OffSite OK, Seattle Metro preferred. Skills Required: 1+ year working with FileMaker Pro Familiarity with FileMaker Go Compensation: $50 per hour/20 hours per week to start.
  2. Hey Matt, I decided to roll my own sync. It was a more work then I expected, but so far it's working well. I realize that's not the solution for everybody as writing your own sync is not a lightweight task. The benefit for me was twofold. No 3rd party licensing costs and no "black box" when it comes to syncing. I've also done syncing before in other programming languages so I knew what I was getting into, mostly. So I wasn't facing design challenges (as in how the syncing works in the abstract) but I did face FileMaker challenges (as in FileMaker is finicky and IMHO makes a l
  3. David - Yup - confusing. I'd say there's some bugs in how the ExecuteSQL is implemented internally related to how it parses the SQL string and date values.
  4. Dan - That's a hair "apples to oranges" since you're using the timestamp function (which returns a date like this '1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM') while I was using a string literal with a SQL format date. FWIW using a string literal with the same format as what the timestamp function returns also works fine,so: "SELECT id FROM timestamp_test WHERE timestamp_no_index > '1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM'" works just as well as using the Timestamp function It's still buggy behavior to have the SQL date format work properly for non-indexed timestamp fields, but not for indexed timestamp fields. Inde
  5. Try this query: "SELECT id FROM timestamp_test WHERE timestamp_no_index > '2012-20-09 00:00:00'" I think the day has to come before the month in the string literal used as the timestamp value in the WHERE condition.
  6. Fair enough. What I was getting at is that it looks like FM Go implements the "MPMoviePlayerViewController" class to handle media playback from container controls, and that that control is only fullscreen;so I get the design/engineering decision to not let a check box setting made at design time switch the whole UI context every time a record is entered. What I think might work as a pattern is: storing media files in containers saving the media file in the container to the FileMaker Go Documents or Temp path with a generic name "sound_file.mp3" using Export Field Contents Opening th
  7. Right - it's flakey. As long as I leave the index off, the ExecuteSQL has worked as expected for me. I reported this as in issue in the "issue reports" forum @ forums.filemaker.com.
  8. I couldn't make it work and this note from FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced's help doesn't sound promising: In Filemaker Go, content in container fields is displayed by the iOS like other iOS audio, video, and PDF files. I could imagine the FMI engineers not wanting a setting on a field to automatically switch out of the layout context to the iOS quicktime playback screen. Maybe a web viewer? On FileMakerGo it will play YouTube in the layout, so I'm guessing if it pointed to a page that had the audio file and auto-played it that would work. Of course it's no longer a pure FileMaker s
  9. David - I take it you got the same behavior? I can't work out a way that it makes sense that indexes should break SQL queries against timestamp fields. I've been out of the FileMaker 'world' for awhile. Is there a best practice for submitting bugs to FMI?
  10. Lee, Sorry about uploading the sample file for my post (I did write a post in the forum you indicated was the correct one) in the wrong place. This is the first time I've attached a file and didn't realize the posting mechanism has an "attach file" at the bottom, I was looking for it in the "toolbar" instead. Thank you for moving the file for me. Anthony
  11. I've found what I have to think is a bug with indexes and ExecuteSQL. I've attached a very simple sample. To see the buggy behavior, do the following. Go into the "Define Database" window. Set the indexing value for the field 'timestamp_with_index' to 'none'. Run the script: 'timestamp_lookup'. Now go back into the "Define Database" window and set the indexing value for the field 'timestamp_with_index' to 'all'. Run the script: 'timestamp_lookup'. The second time you run it, the left "column" in the dialog should have no id values. This seems to be a bug with explicitly cre
  12. Sample file for displaying timestamp index bug with ExecuteSQL timestamp test.fmp12.zip
  13. You figure this out yet? I'm not sure what you're asking for but I think it's something along the lines of having a query: SELECT id, name, address_one, city, state FROM customers WHERE id = 12 Where the value 12 would correspond to a customer picked from a pop-up menu by a user? If that's the case, you might benefit from using a global field. Somewhat counter-intuitively (at least to me), global fields work on a session level, meaning their local to an instance of FileMaker. So say you have a two-field value list where the first (hidden) value is the id from the 'customers' an
  14. Ocean - thanks. I'd looked at FMGoSync but it seems a tad neglected. I hadn't seen SyncMobile, but it appears to be in beta. David - Thanks for the summary. It jibes with the videos I've watched for both. Anyone else have something to contribute? I'd love to hear it. Thank you! Anthony
  15. So what's are the differences, pros/cons between mirrorsync and gozync? Are they 100% competitors or are there some differences in how they're supposed to be use/problem they're trying to solve? Thanks, Anthony Some background: I have a situation where users will be using an iPad/FileMaker Go 12 solution for data collection that would be synced with FMS 12 running on OS X server. The use-case is such that the solution users will often be in remote areas with no cellular coverage, so working directly with the remote host is not viable. Since I'd prefer not to "rol
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