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  1. Thanks John, but don't work... or I'm clumsy I didn't think that create and/or open folder in OSX from FM was so difficult. The initial idea was make a button than open a subfolder with the same name of the field "client" in to the folder "en-curso", if folder don't exist, then create and open. But now I think isn't easy...
  2. Thanks, but how I write "$path = "file:///Volumes/G5HD/Users/Shared/en-curso/" & Proyectos::Cliente & "/"" in the Filemaker Manage Scripts?
  3. Finally I open folders with: Open URL [No dialog; "file:///Volumes/G5HD/Users/Shared/en-curso/"] and it's OK, but if I try: Open URL [No dialog; "file:///Volumes/G5HD/Users/Shared/en-curso/" & Proyectos::Cliente & "/"] don't work, do you know why?
  4. Thanks, but where? Do you refer "Select entire contents" in Scrip step options?
  5. Hi, I have a script that finds records and after write a text in a field with: - Perform find... - Insert text... But text only write in first of selected records... please, how I do to write text in ALL selected records? Thanks, Sorry Filemaker Mac 11
  6. Thanks, but isn't the label text is the input text field
  7. Sorry, "Show custom dialog" menu by default only shows one line... is possible to make multiple line?
  8. Hi, when I select "Show custom dialog" in a script, by default only shows one line for introduce text... is possible to increase the lines?
  9. Thanks comment, If I write new text, this is added at the end of the paragraph so that the new texts are increasingly below... I would like that new texts remain on the top of the paragraph, same a log.
  10. Hi, I have a script that insert text in a field, is possible at first move the cursor to the beginning of paragraph? Thanks. (maybe the title is better: "move the cursor to the beginning of paragraph" but I don't know change)
  11. Hi, please, is possible to generate a script that runs at change field? For example if I write "text" in any field in other field writes "You have written text" Thanks,
  12. Ok, then I think is no possible order from FM to applescript that create a folder with name from fields.... but do you think is posible open it? open path?/field1/field2
  13. I wonder if it is possible to make a button that create in a predefined path a folder named with a field of database and a subfolder named with another field (ex. fields name and number create .../name/1234/) in OSX. And this button in case the folder already exists, then open it.
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