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  1. We need a developer to quickly and efficiently change the structure of the Tasks starter solution so that a user logs in and chooses the Organization, Site, and Department that the project applies. As a follow-up, we will need some changes to the fields and how they display in the layouts. I'm assuming that it's fair game to start with FileMaker's starter solution. We use FMPro Server 16 and clients on a Windows platform. Paid via PayPal upon task completion. We are in Canada so Canadian developers paid via interactive money transfer.
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    thanks to both of you
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    Hi, We'd like to try to develop a simple model using levers and sliders. Does anyone know if this is possible in FMPro? The slider would have three positions and graphically represent, Hi Med Lo, with the calcs being some sort of factor. Does this sort of thing exist? I know I can use XmCharts to enter text and use gauges, etc. but looking to move a slider, not enter a value. Thanks
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