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  1. Thanks for your reply but I find filemaker so frustrating. Your suggestion is not quite what I'm looking for. I have a single form and single table and at the moment I have a simple lookup at the top which looks up building elements. Instead of just looking up on one field i want the user to be able to type in a word and it brings back a list of options with that word in just like a lookup. So simple but I think I'm going to have to pay somebody to do this as I'm getting no where fast on these forums.
  2. Hi there I have a list of building elements in a table each with a unique primary key against them. The table contains all kinds of info about each building element such as cost. The list contains item such windows, doors, painting etc and the idea is you select an element and the system gives you a cost. At the moment I have this set up as a series of conditional drop downs so you select cladding, type of cladding, exact product so the selection is narrowed down as you go. This isn't quite working however because the users can never find what they need. They have asked for search mechanism where the user types in the word or building element they are looking for and the system does a search in all the table fields and brings up that list. A lookup basically but it does a search and brings back the options related to that search in a lookup style approach. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as although probably isn't to complicated it is beyond my powers at the moment. Many thanks Peter
  3. Hi there - I need to create a simple crosstab report and wondered if filemaker 17 has this functionality built in ? If not can somebody point me in the right direction on this please. It would be very much appreciated. Also once ive created a series of reports how can i combine them so they appear at the press of a button in a single document ? Any help would be much appreciated. Peter
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    Lookup list

    Hi there I have a single table which lists all of the schools in an area. All I want to do is create a lookup list which brings back all the relevant data against a school when a particular school is selected. I can do this in seconds in access but after two hours trying I give up in filemaker. Can somebody please help as its getting a bit ridiculous for such a simple task. Many thanks Peter
  5. thanks so much for the reply. When i run this it says "container fields cannot be exported" These are pictures im taking my ipad and appear on the database. I havent imported them. I read somewhere that all images have to be embedded what ever that means ? Thanks Peter or even if i could store the images i take with my ipad in the photo directory so i could upload them manually when i get back to the office. Its just at the moment im taking pictures with the ipad and i cant get them off the ipad ? Very frustrating ! Peter
  6. Hi guys Can somebody please help with this, im beggining to lose the plot. When i omit records and then export them i would like to do a similar thing with the pictures held in the container fields. How can i export the pictures that are taken and stored in the container field ?? I can export all my data fine but when i come to export pictures its a different story. Ity surely cant be that difficult bit i cant work it our ? Also when im taking pictures on the ipad where are they stored ? They arent in images when i look in the photo album? Any help would be massively appreciated as this is thr last hurdle in finishing off my database !! Thanks Peter
  8. Hi guys - a very simple question which is bugging the life out of me. I want a brief comment to appear inside a field and then dissapear when the typing starts. For example within the address field i simply want the description address until the user enters the field and then it disappears. Ive seen this on many dastabases and havent a clue how to do it in filemaker ? Any help would be much appreciated ! Thanks Peter
  9. Hi Guys Ive developed a database to collect site based information of properties. The database allows the user to take photos of buildings and record various data about the buildings. The database workls fine but i now need to export the data. Firstly - can i export the pictures within the container fields ? Secondly - how do i get the data out of filemaker go and onto my local machine. Can i simply save from my ipad to a folder on my local machine ? Any help given would be much appreciated. Thanks Peter
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