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  1. Thanks for the affirmation, Wim.
  2. Hello everyone, For maintenance purposes: Is it wise to schedule a task via FileMaker Server 12 Advanced to verify the integrity of hosted databases? I've checked the FileMaker Server manual and guidance appears to recommend using this feature if you suspect a database file is corrupt. I was wondering whether it is in fact good practice to verify database integrity, perhaps on a monthly basis at night to eschew performance issues. Many thanks in advance for your advice and comments.
  3. Hello everyone, Is there a way of restricting users' access so they can upload documents but not download them? We want to prevent users from downloading documents out of the office environment. Alternatively, is it possible to restrict access to a SuperContainer Web Viewer based on the users' IP address? I'm thinking of trying to set up an IF statement that stops the SuperContainer from working if a user's IP address is not equal to the office IP address. Please note that users will be accessing the FileMaker database using IWP. Many thanks in advance! Stuart
  4. FMS 12v3 certainly has resolved the memory leak issue some people were experiencing with the fmswpc.exe process. However many are still suffering 701 errors. Take a look at the FileMaker thread here. My server experiences a 701 error every 5-10 days after the FMS 12v3 update. To lessen the effects on users accessing via IWP, a solution is to create a schedule that restarts the Web Publishing Engine on the 701 Event ID. Certainly not ideal as they still get disconnected, but better than nothing. Others have invested in a program called EventSentry.
  5. This is a far more sensible way but I am ignorant of how to configure FileMaker Server to do this! I'm guessing you'd schedule a 'Script Sequence'? But how do you close the database when the Close File script step is not compatible with the Server? Plus how would you re-open the database files after the server restarts if you turn off auto-start?
  6. Thanks mr_vodka, it was the carriage return that was needed.
  7. I solved this by creating a basic task via Windows Task Scheduler to reboot the server each night. c:windowssystem32shutdown.exe -F -R This doesn't solve the fmswpc.exe memory leak which may be causing the 701 error messages, but at least stops the process from crashing every other day. Just make sure you have the 'Auto Start' boxes ticked in FileMaker Server 12 Advanced (Configuration > General Settings > Auto Start).
  8. Hello everyone, I'm having trouble sending emails in FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced to multiple recipients using the 'Send Mail' script step. I currently have the following in the 'To' field: "email1@address.com;" & " " & "email2@address.com;" & " " & "email3@address.com" Is that correct? Do I need the semicolon to follow email addresses?
  9. Thanks Wim, Would the following batch file suffice? I must admit I am batch file newbie! ECHO OFF start "" "C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDatabase Serverfmsadmin.exe" restart wpe -u admin -p password -y
  10. I don't suppose anyone has a fix for this error for Windows? I see dsghs has developed an Applescript to close and reopen the process, is it possible to do the equivalent in Windows Server with a batch file and scheduled task?
  11. FileMaker to the rescue! http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11128/kw/pdf%20size
  12. Hello everyone, I have a script used for reporting which goes through a series of layouts and saves and appends them to a PDF file. When using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, the output 15-20 page PDF file was about 1-2MB. However performing the same script in FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced results in a 40MB PDF! Are higher quality/definition PDF's a feature of FMP12? Is there any way of telling FileMaker to compress these PDF files to a more manageable size? Its really annoying becuase at the end of the script these files were being sent via email to recipients. We have a cap on email attachment size where I work and its not possible to send 40MB files. Is there a way around this issue? P.S. I am running FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced on Windows 7 Pro machine FileMaker Server 12 Advanced is also on Windows 7 Pro Dell PowerEdge T110 II machine.
  13. Hi Dan, Thanks for your help. I'm pretty sure it was a DNS A-Record issue, it does seem to have resolved itself over time.
  14. Hi everyone, I've transferred across a database to my FileMaker Server which was previous being hosted by another company. Most users connecting via a custom php IWP login page uisng a sub-domain of my site. However some users, including me when I use my office PC, type in that URL and still get the old login page from when it was hosted with the other company. They simply cannot load the new database as its moved location. I have successfully changed the DNS settings on the subdomain and have contacted my hosting company (1&1) to verify this. To access the custom IWP login page I’ve tried: Flushing my office PC’s DNS (cmd > ipconfig /flushdns) Deleting web browser cache and cookies Trying a different web browser When doing this on my office PC this still brings up the old login page. When I access at home or on my database server the new IWP login page works! Bizarrely several people have connected successfully through the new IWP login page, whereas others simply cannot get to it using the same URL. I was wondering whether this is an issue with IIS? The server is hosted using Windows 7 Professional (IIS 7.5). Is it somehow remembering the IP’s of people who have used the database in the past? Is there a DNS issue somewhere? The one thing I haven’t done is rebooted the server or flushed the DNS on it, I wonder if either of those tricks are worth doing? I’m absolutely stumped. If you could provide me with some pointers I’d be really grateful!
  15. Very interesting idea, thank you for your help! I'll definitely try that - I can see it working well.
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