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  1. It's not necessary Jeremy. It was just an idea. Intended to demonstrate how one can pick a record from a list. I referenced that topic simply because of the 'many to many' inquiry that you made. If you still require assistance and do have a file that you need help with, upload it here. That way we have something specific to reference and talk about. Thanks.
  2. Try the following file. Maybe that will help you figure things out. Things that changed: Added table 'Student_Schedule' Modified relationships Notice the relationship 'All Schedules' and how it is being used on the 'Form View' layout. Also the StudentID needs to be a unique value if you are entering it manually. StudentRecords_20120810.zip
  3. Try this custom function (I also uploaded it to the Brian Dunning Filemaker Pro Custom function website) // SYNTAX: ListBaseTableName // ORIGIN: http://www.decisiongroup.net // NOTES: Returns the base table name based on the table occurance on a particular layout in the current FileMaker Pro v12 file // VERSION: 1.0v1 - for FileMaker Pro v12 // © 2012 Lazarus Sismanis, Decision Group Inc., Eagleville, PA, USA // requires FileMaker Pro v12 or higher //Thanks to Andrew Duncan, Databuzz, Sydney, Australia for his ListBaseTables function ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DI
  4. Here's something you can try. Things that changed: Rates are all global fields The 'quotes' table has changed The 'customers' table has changes Hover over new fields 'windows level 1' and 'windows level 2' for a tooltip explanation. I'm uploading a modified file. See if you understand what's going on. If not, I'd be happy to explain. Windows - 20120810.zip
  5. It sounds relatively straight forward. I'll take a crack at it. Why don't you post the Excel file here? Or send it over. Whatever works for you.
  6. From the Filemaker Server 12 Configuration Guide, page 11:
  7. Hi Jeremy. I think we have a similar subject being discussed here. See if that helps. If you think it is different, then we can take a look.
  8. Still protected but guest has full access... So Skifty, I'm uploading the same file, a little modified. Check out the layout 'People' where I added a portal where you can add and delete Client Matter records that the person belongs to. The adding is done using the script 'New Client Matter for Person'. There's also one more script, part of the previous adding a portal record sequence: 'Select Client'. I have also added the 'Matter Files Selection List' layout. But one important thing though. On your original file (not this that I uploaded), check the relationships and the "delete re
  9. Here's a reference from Filemaker. It references Filemaker 12, but maybe it can be of help to you as well. Troubleshooting layouts designed for both Windows and Mac OS
  10. Oops! I think the file that you attached is password protected. So, can't see what you have there. But I'll take a crack at it. I'm attaching a file with my guess as to what you are looking for. For that purpose you will need to create a couple of additional tables. Take a look at the file and if you need further explanations, I'd be more than happy to explain. (..and this is my first post here ) KVC-01.zip
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