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  1. thanks. i used fmp11 and didn't know about this.
  2. .Hi, Comment. of course i know i can insert a picture into a container field not by storing as a reference. as you know if you insert a picture to a container field not by storing as a reference , it will cause slow down on display on a screen. even moving one record to another. that is why we were doing store as a reference. now fmp 14 , if we just embed a picture in a container field without storing as a reference , it will not cause slow display ? that was my question. thanks,
  3. I heard that in fmp 14 , we can directly insert a picture files into container field & no need to store it as reference. is this true ? i deal with a lot of pictures and i wonder inserting picture directly into container field wouldn't slow down my solution. thanks,
  4. Thanks, Wim & Kris. I guess i need to use web-direct then. thanks, mike
  5. Hi, Kris. i have one more question. what about filemaker go option ? what is the main difference between these 2 ? i know for filemaker go , i need to design the layout specifically fit to i-phone or i-pad. it is same i access to fmp file through web browser ? which one is better ? - i mean budget wise. for web direct , it costs a lot for small use. any thoughts ? mike
  6. Thanks, Kris. You have been helpful. Mike
  7. Thanks, Kris. i also use window7. i would say i would have either under 50 users or 100 users. do you recommand buy cpu 8 core & ram 8 gb ? Should i buy a web publishing machine same spec as fms server ? also if i buy a server machine , does it come with window server os ? - eg, window 2012, etc... and what i should do with web publishing server ? just networking it to fms server ? do you know any manual to learn how to connect from fms server to web server , etc... ? thanks, mike
  8. Hi, i am very new to web direct and i don't know much about hardware stuff - specially web server, etc... my questions is what do i need to host a fmp file through web direct ? - hardware wise. i have an fixed ip address & domain name. also i know what kind of server machine i need. do i need any other computer ? or only one server machine will do the job ? thanks, mike
  9. i hope somebody can help me with below Question. Does Show Custome Dialog Works in WebDirect ? Thanks, mikey
  10. How Do i Log out from WebDirect ? is there LogOut Button like web publishing ? thanks, mikey
  11. Hi, Can somebody tell me how to set up a webdirect solution or what i need to prepare to put a solution on a web through webdirect ? example , do i need web domain address ? , fixed ip address , etc... can it be work from my home computer ? wouldn't it be problem , my home computer's ip address is keep changing ? or does anybody know where to get a documentation regarding how to set up a webdirect solution on a web ? thanks, mikey
  12. To log out Webdirect solution , if i use exit application script , will it log out ? or is there something else to log out ? mikey
  13. Hi , In a WebDirect , Does Global field work same as regular Filemaker ? For Example , if 2 users are logged in and if there are on same pages and if there are one global field which both users are using , can that global field will hold different values per each users ? thanks, mike
  14. Thanks , lee. sorry. I forgot to change it to lower case right before posting it. by the way you wouldn't know anything about import folder dialog box mal-functioning with fmp12 advanced ? I bought a fmp 12 advanced and I installed it on my computer and all of sudden import folder dialog box doesn't display all the other drives on our network. it only displays my local drive only. I used to import pictures from our server and I can not locate it no more from fmp import dialog box. when I had fmp 11 or fmp11 advanced it worked fine. is this a bug ? mike
  15. Hi, i used to have fmp 11 & 11 advanced set up on my computer. At that time import photos from the folder of my server computer through network worked fine. But last friday when i installed the fmp 12 advanced on my computer , import dialog box doesn't display other drives of my server computer not usb drive. Import a folder files worked fine before and right after i installed fmp 12 it is not working.  Does anybody know whether this is a bug or not  or how to fix this one.  It is supposed to show it like pic-a. But now it show only my local drive as pic-b.    mike
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