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  1. You are probably right. I've been brainwashed by Matt Petrowsy training about the UUIDs. LOL
  2. How can this dropdown only be values of "subdivisions" that are located within the designated "county" designated above? Also would like to be able to add new records here if they don't already exist. Secondarily and not as important.. I would love to have a type-ahead feature for this dropdown because I have over 1500 “subdivision” records. TEST-SubsfromCounty.fmp12
  3. I have tried every imaginable combination and am still coming up short. I need the "addressArea" to auto populate based on the given "county" and "township". The attached PDF shows my problem. I am also attaching the FM file incase that helps. Any help would be appreciated. help2.pdf gprtrack004-help2.fmp12
  4. Ya- that would be my fall-back position but it seems like someone out there could just modify a pre-existing Custom Function to make this work. Other people have already written most of the parts- I just don't have the skills to put it together.
  5. I have searched the web for a Custom Function that solves this to no avail… There are many CF’s that “almost” do what I need but nothing as explained below. OBJECTIVE: Calculate a DATE x days AFTER a given date skipping weekends AND bank holidays. GIVEN: StartDate NumbOfDays Result Desired = Date that skips weekends and bank holidays. Any year’s HOLIDAY dates can be gleaned from pre-existing Custom Function “HolidayListByYear (yearNumber)” written by Jonathan Mickelson at www.briandunning.com (also uses another Custom Function he wrote called “
  6. I'm pretty new to the FMP community so I apologize if this is not the right place to post this question. I am in the school fundraising business and I work with about 100 schools that do annual fundraisers (magazine, chocolate, gift, etc). Although my parent company does all the customer invoicing- I still wish to track year to year sales for each school. My goal in FMP is to view each customer record in a layout that shows: 1.) the info that rarely changes (school name, phone, etc) and 2.) information that is unique to the current school year (which includes comparison to some of
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