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  1. Already got it figured out. Apparently the DNS server on the new virtual server grabbed 5003. We disabled the DNS, and successfully reinstalled the software, the turned DNS services back on. I'm glad I don't have to leave the country. As an American right now, not sure where I could legally go.
  2. We are moving our FM 16 Server to a new virtual machine for the eventual purpose of upgrading the OS and getting to the most recent FM version. After the virtualization yesterday, FM Services would not start. I am attempting to uninstall and reinstall the software, but I am running into a roadblock. "Ports 50003 and 50004 are not available. Make them available and try again." Not sure how this is possible, since the firewall on this machine is entirely off. Would appreciate any help so I don't have to leave the country.
  3. Our company sends emails to client reps with FMP URLs that take them to the relevant database record. We have been using the tinyurl webservice to shorten the FMP URL with success for some time. Since the most recent Windows update, however, we are getting no result from the insert from URL request. I'm sure it is related to the update, because the when the insert from URL is requested from a client machine that has not run the update, the tinyURL result comes back with with no problem. Does anyone have a similar experience or can anyone suggest a fix or workaround
  4. We found a workaround, which is to select "print as image" in the advanced tab of the print dialog. Still would love to know what this is about if anyone has any ideas.
  5. We have recently upgraded to FM15 Server, and most client machines to FM15 Pro. Since then, we are having strange problems printing PDFs created in FM. The PDFs will not print to desktop printers connected to individual machines by USB. They will however print to our larger network printers. We've updated all printer drivers with no change. Any idea on what might be causing this issue? We've also been having another pdf issue since the upgrade which I will save for another thread. Many thanks.
  6. Hello Wim, Thanks for your reply. The ODBC driver is installed with the software package, and it is read only. If it's not a driver specifically supported by FM, and apparently it's not, I guess that means I'm just out of luck trying to do this.
  7. Hello, I've created a DSN from the server hosting FileMaker Server 12, and using the 64 bit ODBC driver that comes with our accounting package, MAS 90. The connection tests successfully and all seems well with the DSN. It is seen by the solution and added successfully as an external data source. But when I attempt to actually add a table from that data source to the table occurrence graph, I get an error that states "The ODBC Data Source you have selected is not supported." Is this just a case of FileMaker and MAS 90 being incompatible, or is there something else I'm missing?
  8. Yes! Thank you! The other users have a different menu set, so not privilege set related at all.
  9. Hello all, I'm having a problem with users being unable to copy/paste text into or out of my FileMaker solution that has me puzzled. The solution is built in FMP12 / FMS 12, and the machines are Win7. When I am logged in with full access privileges, I can copy and paste anywhere with no trouble. When logged in as a different user, with a different privilege set, I can not. Instead of pasting the copied text into the field, it pastes what appears to be some kind of control character. Both privilege sets have "Available Menu Commands" set to ALL. What am
  10. Hello Wim! Thanks for your response! That's a great checklist which I will take up with the network admin and her backup.
  11. Hello all. Obviously, it would be ideal to host FMS on a dedicated server as recommended. What if this is not possible for budgetary reasons? What are the dangers? What sort of issues can I expect to run into? Thanks for your advice. John
  12. Matthew - Thank you! I was getting an ODBC error that referenced the old database name, and had a sleep deprived 1:00 AM panic attack about it, I figured out what the error was when I woke up, Sometimes you're just better off going to sleep!
  13. I am moving a FileMaker solution which been in development for some time from a development database to a production database. (The solution uses an external SQL database.) After building the solution on the development SQL db, I just got my first look at the production db, and discovered something I did not anticpate. Although structurally the same, and with identical table names, the SQL database itself has a different name. Is this going to be a problem? How big? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Thanks, Wim. We do have the encryption logic, and I have a feeling that he will insist on using it. However, I will certainly take your advice and push for a user group.
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